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Using “Show and Tell” activities is a great way to improve your child’s English ability!

子どもの英語学習にピッタリ! 「Show and Tell」を取り入れてみよう

Do you know the “Show and Tell” study method? Under this method, children choose their own subject and then explain why they chose it, what they know about...

Let’s enjoy summer festivals as a family! What are the origins of “Tanabata”? What should we write on the paper slip?


During the “Tanabata” season, children may ask questions about the festival. It is important that parents are prepared with the answers and know the origin ...

4 activities to try outside during the rainy season!

梅雨シーズンにこそ外遊びしてみよう! 雨の日の外遊びアイディア4つ

Afraid that their child will get wet or dirty, many parents stay indoors on rainy days. Being forced to spend time indoors makes the rainy season stressful ...