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What do parents need to prepare for potty training? Let’s prepare and have fun!

トイレトレーニングに必要なものって? 準備をして楽しく挑戦しよう!

 Many parents start to think about potty training when their children are around 2-3 years old. Toilet training can be quick for some children but in many cases, it ...

Developing your concentration! Introducing the “Puzzle teaching method” which keeps children’s interest!

集中力を養える! 子どもの興味を引き出す「パズルの教え方」とは?

Puzzles are simple games that you can enjoy with your child. Although puzzles with many pieces may be too difficult for young children, simple puzzles (3-5 pi...

[From Hungary】Popular Children’s Games from Around the World


Hungary is a European country next to Austria and Romania. Unlike the Japanese educational system, in Hungary, the timing when a child enters elementary schoo...