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The use of naps to improve your child’s academic ability and how to encourage your child to take naps

昼寝は子どもの学力をアップさせる!? 昼寝の効果と寝かせ方

As the phrase “sleep brings up a child well”shows, sleep is very important for a child’s development. Although most parents require their child to take a na...

5 Movies That Will Encourage Children to Enjoy Studying English

子どもの興味を惹きつける! 楽しく英語を学べるおすすめの映画5選

Watching English movies is a great way for children to learn English while enjoying stories and music. In this article, we will recommend 5 English movies f...

Why should English classes for young children focus on hearing and speaking?


If you want your child to gain English skills efficiently, it is important for them to be in an environment where they can listen to and speak English with ...