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English Activities Children Should Start Before They Enter Elementary School


It has been a few years since English became a mandatory subject in public elementary schools in Japan. But are you aware that English education is expected...

Forcing children to say “I’m Sorry” is NG!! How to handle children who refuse to say” I’m Sorry”

「ごめんなさい」の強要はNG!? 絶対に謝らない子どもへの接し方とは

Many parents are worried that their child cannot say “I`m Sorry”. When raising children, we see many situations where children get into a fight with others ...

3 Cautionary Steps to Take When Playing Outside with Your Children during the summer

夏の外遊びには要注意! 子どもとお外に行くときの注意点3つ

During summer vacation, children enjoy playing outside and will have opportunities to go to the pool, attend festivals and maybe even go camping. However, s...