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4 reasons why children say “I hate Papa!” and how to solve the issue


Until very recently, in Japan, child-rearing was considered the mom’s job and dad’s were expected to focus on their job outside the home. However, nowadays,...

Parents want to imitate this! 3 Ways to Encourage Children to Enjoy English (Foreign Language)!

これは真似したい! 子どもを英語好きにさせるための方法3つ

In recent years, Japan has become more globalized and we are hearing the English language spoken more than before. When today’s children become adults in 10...

Children love snacks! Which snacks are best to give children as afternoon snacks?

子どもにおやつは欠かせない存在! 子どもに優しい3時のおやつとは?

Some parents avoid giving their child afternoon snacks because they are worried about their nutritional balance and don’t want them to gain weight. However,...