Gymboree Parenting Column

“Review” is an important part of studying for children! Check out our tips on efficient ways for your child to review what he/she has learned.

子供の学習には「復習」が重要! 効率のよい復習方法をチェックしよう

In order for us to remember what we have learned, it is important that we take the time to review. If your child is learning English, using the vocabulary...

Should parents buy their child a desk for studying? Check out this article to find out the merits and demerits as well as the recommended timing of purchase.

子どもの勉強に学習机は必要? メリットデメリットと購入時期について

Parents want to provide their child with the appropriate environment to study at home. Many parents consider purchasing a special studying desk for thei...

Does one’s parents’ level of interest in English affect their child’s English ability?


The ability to speak and understand English is becoming more and more important for Japanese children. Research shows that the amount Japanese parents get...