Gymboree Parenting Column

Why do we distribute candy on Halloween?

子どもに教えてあげたい! ハロウィンにお菓子を配るのはどうして?

Many children have dressed up in costume and received candy at a Halloween event. However, why is it that children receive candy on Halloween in the first...

Let’s have fun with cute costumes this Halloween! Introducing 5 costumes that are good for young children!

可愛い仮装でハロウィンを盛り上げよう! 子どもにおすすめの衣装5つ

More and more families enjoy Halloween festivities every year. Parents want to dress their children up in fun costumes and participate in local Halloween ...

Autumn is a great season for outdoor play! Let’s take advantage of the nice weather and spend time outdoors as a family!

秋は行楽に最適なシーズン! 秋を見つけに、子どもと公園に出かけよう

After the long, hot summer, the cool breeze of autumn makes it easier to spend time outdoors as a family. Playing in the fallen leaves during autumn i...