Gymboree Parenting Column

Enjoy dancing with your child at home! Let’s explore its physical benefits!

おうち時間こそ「親子ダンス」を楽しもう! 体を動かすメリット

With the current COVID-19 pandemic and families staying home more, many parents are concerned their child is not getting enough exercise. Dancing is a fun ath...

Why are children picky eaters? What can parents do about it?

子どもが偏食をする原因は? 親ができる対策法

Parents want their children to eat everything they are served but many times children have likes and dislikes and refuse to eat certain foods. In this article...

How to nurture your child’s sensitivity through picture books?

子どもの感受性が育つ! しかけ絵本の選び方のポイントは?

Children love picture books because they can enjoy the sounds, textures and various characters that pop up. Did you know that picture books help stimulate chi...