3 Christmas Songs that Will Make Your Family Party Fun


The Christmas season is just around the corner. Many families are probably planning to hold parties with friends and family this Christmas.
Christmas songs are an important part of the entertainment during these parties. In this article,
we will introduce 3 easy Christmas songs that even young children can sing along. We will also include the relationship between Christmas songs and learning.

How to incorporate the appearance of Santa to make your child’s Christmas memorable!
How do English Christmas songs affect young children?

The most important aspect of education is making learning fun.
Although the number of English conversation-based shows and schools in Japan is increasing, few families actually use the language at home.
However, English education in elementary schools (from 3rd grade on) will start in 2020. So, it is best that children become familiar with the language before then.
However, forcing children to study English will often cause them to dislike the language. Therefore, we suggest that parents try using songs to make learning the language fun. The Christmas season is full of excitement for young children so taking advantage of this time to help them learn English through seasonal songs will leave them with good memories and make English studying fun.

3 recommended Christmas Songs to use at this year’s family party

Young children love to sing and dance. Here are 3 Christmas songs that will get them on their feet and singing.

English Christmas Song #1 Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

This popular song was written by Johnny Marks and the Japanese version can be heard all over during the holiday season. The song is fun for grownups to sing and dance too as well.

English Christmas Song #2 I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

This is song is a standard of all Christmas parties. In the Japanese version, at the end of the song we find out that Santa Claus is actually papa.
But in the English version, this part is not included so children still believe that it is actually Santa Claus who mama is kissing.

English Christmas Song #3 Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells is another very popular Christmas song. Since there is a lot of repetition and the lyrics are short, it is easy for young children to sing.
The most important thing is to have fun

The most important part of music, like education, is to have fun. Let’s enjoy singing Christmas songs together.
If learning English is fun then children will become even more motivated to study and practice what they learn. Grown-ups should take advantage of the fun Christmas spirit to make English learning fun and not worry too much about correct pronunciation or using the wrong lyrics. Let’s enjoy the holiday together and create a lot of unforgettable memories as a family. Merry Christmas! The songs we introduced in this article can be found on the Internet in video version. The use of videos (animation) will make the songs even more enjoyable for young children.
Children’s brains are like sponges and when they become interested in something they will be motivated to learn and remember more about it. It is easy for them to remember songs and the accomplishment will give them self-confidence. Let’s encourage their English learning by making it fun for them.

Receiving a “Letter from Santa” is something children will remember for a long time

Children will remember what happened on Christmas every year even after they become adults.
Let’s make sure they are left with good memories that include the presence of Santa Claus. And most importantly, enjoy spending the holiday season together with family and friends every year.

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