5 games to try at your next home party!


It is becoming more and more popular to hold home parties with family and mother friends for birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and other events.
However, even if you spend a lot of time to prepare decorations and food for the party, once the party starts there is often not much activities for families to enjoy.
We suggest that hosts incorporate games into the party agenda for grown-ups and children to enjoy. In this article, we will introduce some games that are easy to add to your next home party.

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The “Scoop the Snacks” Game – How many snacks can you scoop?

This game makes use of the snacks you have collected at home and the plastic pool from the summer that is lying around in storage.

Simply place individually wrapped snacks in the plastic pool and have the kids scoop them up with instant ramen cups. For older children, parents can put a clip on the individual snacks and give out pieces of yarn to use to “fish” them up.

Adding plastic balls will make it more difficult to scoop up or “fish” the snacks and make the game more exciting.

The” Pinata” Game (which is popular in South America)

A pinata is like a treasure chest which is filled with snacks and little toys.
In Mexico and other countries in South America, children take turns using the stick to try to break the pinata and make the “treasures” fall out. It is like the “breaking the watermelon” game that is often played in Japan during the summer.

It is possible to make a pinata on your own using a mixture of flour and water and strips of newspaper to cover a blown-up balloon. After it dries, you can make a small hole to pop the balloon and then fill it with snacks and toys. It is a good idea to leave one area that is not covered with newspaper so it is easier to fill the pinata up later. Once the pinata dries, you can decorate it with paint, glitter, markers and even stickers before filling it.

The “Cup Tower” Game – Whose tower is the tallest?

In this game, as the name implies, children make towers with paper cups and the child who makes the tower the fastest and the child who makes the tower the highest are the winners.
Since the tower is made using paper cups, it is not dangerous if the tower falls down so even young children can get involved. You can decorate the paper cups based on the occasion or season using paints, markers or even stickers.

The “Treasure Hunt” Game

This game is recommended at birthday parties or Christmas parties where presents are exchanged.
In the game, the presents are hidden and children go and find them. You can give the children a map to give them an idea where the presents are hidden inside the house or party room. To make the game more difficult, parents can create message cards with hints for the children to use to find the presents. This will make the game last longer.

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The “Guess What is in the Box” Game

In this game, children use their sense of feel to try to guess what is in the box.
The game is often seen on variety TV programs so most people understand the rules. Parents put a small hole in one side of a box and put an item in the box without showing the children what it is. Using items that are dangerous or dirty should be avoided.

What did you think of the above game ideas? All of the games can be played easily at home parties with lots of children and grown-ups. It is important that parents supervise the games so that no one gets hurt or upset about losing.

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