What are the benefits of using CDs for English Study and can they be used effectively?


One effective way to study English (or foreign language) is to listen to CDs.
CDs can be played at home in a variety of situations and are a effective way to stimulate young children’s brains. However, do you know why playing English (foreign language) CDs helps improve English (foreign language) ability? In this article, we will introduce the benefits of using CDs and how they can be used effectively.

What are the benefits of using CDs for English Study and can they be used effectively?
What are the benefits of listening to English (foreign language) CDs?

Many people are skeptical about how much we can learn a language through listening.
There are many English (foreign language) CDs for grown-ups as well but since adult ears are already fully developed it is difficult for us to pick-up the words and phrases just by listening to the CDs. However, it is much easier for young children to pick-up words and phrases because their ears and listening skills are still developing. As a result, listening to English (foreign language) is a great way for children to remember new words and phrases.

Let’s use English (foreign language) CDs to stimulate our child’s brain

Many adults have experienced a time when their child picked up the words of the song they were listening to at home.
Listening to English (foreign language) CDs will have the same results. Our brain is separated into the left brain and the right brain.
In young children, the right brain, which is focused on instinct and inspiration dominates. But as they get older, the left brain, which is focused on memory and intellect begins to dominate. When listening to English (foreign language), instead of the left brain focusing on trying to “memorize” what is heard, the right brain works to remember based on intuition. Therefore, it is effective to have young children, whose right brain is active listen to English (foreign language) in the background.

Some tips for using English (foreign language) CDs for language study

Children often become interested in fun, pleasant and boisterous activities.
So, it is important for parents to choose a CD that their child will enjoy.
It is recommended to play the CD in the background when children are playing in the living room or are in the car.
Children do not have to sit down and focus in order to learn new words because their brain remembers the information naturally. Therefore, children who listen to language CDs, will naturally remember sentences and copy the pronunciation they hear.

In many cases, children who listen to English (foreign language) CDs pick up the language even though their parents cannot speak the language at all.
When studying with a CD there is no need to worry about the parent’s pronunciation or grammar.
It is a good idea to attend English (foreign language) classes in addition to listening to the CDs. Exposing children to English (foreign language) from a young age will help them learn the language more easily when they get older.

Let’s make sure we let our child try out the chair before purchasing it
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