Using reward stickers during toilet training makes the process easier!


Toilet training your child requires persistence. Many parents get stressed when it doesn’t go well.
Toilet training will not be successful if your child is not motivated.
If they are afraid of have an aversion to the toilet, they will not be successful.
Reward stickers are often an effective way to encourage children to use the toilet.
In this article, we will introduce the benefits of using reward stickers for toilet training and how parents can implement this method.

Using reward stickers during toilet training makes the process easier!

The benefits of using reward stickers during toilet training

They increase motivation
It is important for parents to be motivated and encourage their child to use the toilet.
But children’s motivation is an absolute requirement for successful toilet training. For many children, having a reward chart and receiving stickers is big motivation to use the toilet.
As their stickers increase, they feel a sense of accomplishment and are encouraged to continue to receive more stickers.

Going to the toilet becomes a fun activity
Small children are often scared to go to the bathroom because it is such a small space.
A reward chart makes the room a more exciting place. If they know that if they go to the bathroom on the toilet, they will receive their favorite sticker, they will be motivated to try their best.

How to use reward stickers during toilet training
To start off, parents should prepare a reward chart and their child’s favorite stickers. It is best if you allow your child to choose his/her own stickers. This will make your child more excited to collect as many stickers as he/she can. The reward chart can be a design that your child likes as well, such as train tracks or castles.
It is a good idea to provide a small gift or event when your child collects a certain number of stickers.

How long should reward stickers be used for toilet training? 
Once parents start using reward stickers, they often worry about how long they should continue to use them.
However, this depends on your individual child’s situation and how he/she is reacting to them.
Parents should continue to use them until their child gets sick of them. If you stop using them in the middle of toilet training, there is a chance that your child will fall back on his/her progress.
It is important to follow the lead of your child and listen to his/her needs.

Sometimes children can use the toilet correctly one day and have an accident the next.
It is important for parents to try a variety of methods to encourage their child to be successful.
Parents who have not yet tried using reward stickers should definitely give it a try. It will make the toilet training process a lot more fun for you and your child.

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