What is the best gift for White Day? Let’s think about it with our children!


Mothers of boys often have mixed feelings when their son receives chocolate on Valentine’s Day. They have happy, sad and complicated feelings at the same time. However, it is important that moms work with their son to prepare the return presents for White Day on March 14th. Did you know that the type of gifts given on White Day have a meaning?
Many girls who receive gifts on White Day are unaware of the meaning.
Instead of just choosing something because it is cute or in the right price range, let’s make sure we understand

What is the best gift for White Day? Let’s think about it with our children!
What is the best kind of gift to give on White Day?

Candy is a recommended gift for your favorite girl
Since the sweet flavor of candy lasts a long time, it is said to represent how long you want the relationship to last and is a perfect gift for your favorite girl.
It is a good idea to choose a candy that cannot be finished in one day and has a cute wrapping.

Macaroons are also a recommended gift for your favorite girl
Macaroons are colorful and fun to look at and are considered as an expensive gift.
If you feel that your favorite girl will not be happy with candy, consider giving her macaroons instead.

If you want to get closer, try giving her a Madeleine
Due to their shape like a shell and the fact that clamshells represent the tie of marriage, giving a girl a Madeleine will show her that you are interested in her and want to get to know her better.
A Madeleine is a baked treat that receives a lot of satisfaction. It is a good option if you think candy or macaroons are too sweet.

If you want to stay as friends, choose a cookie
The popular gift of cookies represents that you want to stay as friends because of their dry consistency and common image.
Since they are easy to buy, they also tend to hold a similar image to “social obligation chocolate”.

Giving marshmallows means you do not admit to the relationship
Marshmallows melt in your mouth quickly so they have the meaning that one’s emotions will disappear.
They are also soft so they give a nuance that you do not admit to the relationship.

Giving gummies means that you do not like them
Gummies are children’s sweets and have a cheap image and they also have a meaning of dislike so it is not recommended to give them as gifts on White Day.
However, many young children love gummies.
So, if you are giving a present to someone who really likes gummies, choosing gummies shows that you know what they like so it is not a problem.

It is important to understand your partner’s feelings on White Day

White Day was started in Japan to go along with the Japanese culture of giving return gifts. Many schools and classes for young children hold events on Valentine’s Day and White Day. Participating in these events as a mother and child will help your child understand the feelings of happiness and thanks. It is important that children have lots of different experiences and learn about feelings from a young age. Attending schools and classes is a great opportunity to interact with others and learn together.

Having too many activities is not good
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