Is the use of flashcards recommended for English (foreign language) learning?


The best time to use flashcards is said to be with children between the ages of 1-3 years old.
Flashcards are often used to show children pictures and meanings at the same time to help them associate the picture and the meaning.
In this article, we will introduce the benefits of using flashcards and how to use them with younger children.

Is the use of flashcards recommended for English (foreign language) learning?
The benefits of using flashcards with young children

The word “flash” in flashcard means “to show quickly”.
Teachers often use flashcards to show children the picture of words (such as animals, countries, station names) while saying the word out loud at the same time in a speedy manner. By repeating this action for an extended period of time, the child will memorize the words in association with the pictures.

The key is that the teacher follows the “1 card to 1 second rule” and says the words as he/she shows the flashcards.
Since the speed is fast, the brain remembers the words before the child begins to think about what they are learning.
Using this fact to their advantage, teachers are recommended to move at a fast pace so that as much information enters the child’s brain as possible.

Through the use of flashcards, children learn everything from the alphabet to animals, foods and English vocabulary quickly and are able to take advantage of speed learning. Flashcards are beneficial as a learning tool that allows teachers/parents to input a large amount of information into a child’s brain quickly.

Explanation of flashcards and how to use them

Of the variety of flashcards available, flashcards targeted at young children often have a picture on the front side and a word on the back. Therefore, words that can be drawn as a picture are often used. For example, animals, fruits and verbs like “run”, “jump”.
Adjectives and adverbs are hard to draw so they are difficult to use on flashcards. The pictures on the flashcards need to be understood in 1 second so they should be easy to put into words.

It is best to use the same category of words when studying with flashcards. For example, when using animal flashcards, it is a good idea for the teacher to use words like dog, cat, elephant, lion, horse and swap cards in front of the children as fast as possible.
Teachers or parents should start with 10 cards at once and go through them in 5 minutes twice a day. Repetition is important so teachers/parents should make sure to create a fun learning environment for their child.

The toddler period is a good time to start learning English because it is easy for children to pick up words.
This is because they remember the information that comes in from their ears and eyes and do not stop to translate from Japanese to English. This is why using flashcards at this age is so effective.

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