What is the origin of April Fools Day and how can children enjoy it?


April 1st is called “April Fools Day”. It is the one day of the year that everyone is encouraged to tell lies. Although telling lies is not appropriate on all other days of the year, on this day it is considered OK for children and grownups alike to tell lies. Even though we teach children that it is NG to tell lies, why is it OK to tell lies on “April Fool’s Day”? It is important that parents are aware of the reason and can explain it correctly to their child. If not, it will be hard for children to understand why it is NG to tell lies on other days. In this article, we will cover the origin of “April Fool’s Day” and how you can enjoy the day as a family.

What is the origin of April Fools Day and how can children enjoy it?
“April Fool’s Day” originated in France

Since “April Fool’s” is English, most people think that the event originated in America or England. There is a different story about “April Fool’s”, which states that the event originated in England.
However, there is are few historical papers so there is limited credibility.

The most believable evidence shows that the origin of the event is France.

【The France Theory】
Historically, in Europe 3/25 was considered the new year and the 8 days between 3/25-4/1 was celebrated as the “Spring Festival”.
However, in 1564, the King of France at the time, declared that January 1st was the New Year.
The French people fiercely protested the King of France’s decision because it went against their traditional culture.

As part of their protest, April 1st was known to be called “The Fake New Year”.
Of course, this received resentment from the King of France. As a result, he decided to arrest and punish all nationals who celebrated April 1st as “The Fake New Year”.

At the time, many French nationals were executed. It is said that even a 13-year-old girl was
executed. In memory of those who were executed and to protest the King of France, French people have continued to celebrate April 1st as “The Fake New Year”.

This is said to be the origin of “April Fool’s Day”.
The origin of “April Fool’s Day” celebrated in Japan may have been the same sad incident that happened in France.

How to enjoy “April Fool’s Day”

Just because it is “April Fool’s Day”, doesn’t mean that you can tell any kind of lie you want to.
If you tell some children they can tell a lie, they may start telling lies that can hurt someone’s feelings.
Below we have introduced some points to follow to make “April Fool’s Day” enjoyable for the whole family. Please make sure to go over these points with your child.

・Create lies that don’t hurt people’s feeling
・When you tell a lie make sure to tell everyone that it is a lie and not true
・Don’t make lies about people dying
・Don’t include your friends’ names in your lies

“April Fool’s Day” is celebrated all around the world. Being able to create lies in English will enable you to enjoy “April Fool’s Day” around the world.
If you want your child to learn “live” English, it is important that they are in a Native English language environment.
Attending English language schools on a weekly basis and interacting with people from around the world, helps children pick up language and culture.
Learning about international events will make children better understand the world around them.

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