My child uses dark colors in his/her artwork. Does this say anything about his/her emotions?


Many mothers worry about their child using a lot of black (and dark colors) in their drawings.
Is there a reason that children choose to use these colors in their drawings? Let’s think about the relation between the colors they choose and their feelings.

My child uses dark colors in his/her artwork. Does this say anything about his/her emotions?
Parents are often worried when their child uses a lot of black (dark colors) in their artwork

When coloring with their children, many parents get nervous when their child uses lots of dark colors. When their child chooses black out of the variety of colors available, parents worry that their child is thinking negative thoughts.
Why do children use dark colors? How does it relate to their emotions?

Is the use of black an SOS sign?
From a psychological standpoint, the color black represents “fear” and “oppression”.

– They are suppressing their emotions so they appear to be a good child
– They are afraid to be scolded by their parents and are always watching their reactions
– They are angry and scared due to strict discipline and intervention

Children who have the above emotions tend to use black and other dark colors in their artwork.
Children who often have confused emotions also tend to like and use dark colors.
However, this is only a psychological hypothesis, if your child uses dark colors when he/she is young a few times there is no need to worry. Many children start using a variety of colors when they get older.

Using these colors may be how your child relieves stress
For some children, using black and dark colors is a form of stress relief.
Just like “crying”, they are getting rid of their negative feelings through art. So even if you are worried, it is important that you do not stop them from using these colors.

Your child may be using a lot of dark colors today but they will most likely start using brighter colors naturally in the future.

There may be other reasons your child likes dark colors!
Your child may choose to use dark colors for other reasons.

・Because their favorite color is black
・Their favorite character or person wears black so they are comfortable with the color
・They want to rebel against their mother
・They don’t want to use up the pretty colors
・They have high concentration skills and want to focus on 1 color at a time

The above are all possible reasons for using black or dark colors.
The color black has a negative image for adults but that is not necessarily the case for children.
Please ask your child why he/she is using black or dark colors and listen to their answer. Many times, it is not anything to worry about.

Help them understand that it is fun to draw with bright colors

If you want your child to draw with bright colors, it is NG to force them to use them. It is better to encourage your child to gain interest in using bright colors on their own. If you suggest using bright colors in their artwork they may accept right away. Many parents may be surprised to hear that the colors their child uses portrays their feelings.
There are many classes and programs for young children that incorporate individual and group art projects.
It is a good idea to give your child the opportunity to express themselves by using a variety of colors and creating artwork with their friends.
Why not try out an art class or program that includes art with your child today.

Having too many activities is not good
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