3 Steps Parents Can Take to Ensure Their Child is Not a Cry Baby


Many children start crying about little things. However, parents often worry that their child will be a cry baby when they get older.
In this article, we will cover why children cry and how parents can handle their child when he/she is acting like a cry baby.

3 Steps Parents Can Take to Ensure Their Child is Not a Cry Baby
Why do children cry? Some reasons for being a cry baby.

Do all children cry easily from birth?
Everyone is born with a different personality and composition.
Whether a child is a cry baby or not depends on his/her composition from birth. Babies who did not stop crying or cried easily when there was a change in environment, tend to be more sensitive and cry more than other children. However, most children get over being a cry baby when they get older so there is no reason for parents to worry.

They are communicating what they want through crying
Babies communicate that they are hungry or need a diaper change by crying.
If they continue to get what they want (such as snacks) whenever they cry, children will learn that if they cry, they will get what they want.
The longer the situation continues, the more likely they will become a cry baby.

They relieve stress by crying
Crying is a way for people to relieve stress, fear and nervousness.
So, when children are crying, it is important that parents do not force them to stop but instead offer support and kind words.

What can parents do to keep their child from crying easily?

Understand why their child is crying
No matter how strong your child is, there will be certain things that make him/her cry. If you ask your child why he/she is crying you will probably receive a vague answer.
However, if parents ask questions like “are your crying because your toy broke?”, it will be easier for them to understand the reason their child is crying.

Spend time talking with your child frequently
When parents cry, it is often hard for them to control their emotions and be objective.
It is important for parents to share with their child what happens when they cry and how it affects those around them.
They can also share with their child other ways to show their emotions by example.

Praise them for their accomplishments
Praise your child for his/her accomplishments no matter how small they are.
This will help them feel more comfortable and gain a positive attitude about the world around them. If they know that their parents respect them, they will become stronger.

Children who do not cry are not necessarily better.
Children who cry a lot are more emotional.
It is important that parents and adults teach children how to share their feelings in ways other than crying. One place for children to learn how to do this is at mommy and me and drop off classes. If children feel supported and understood when they are crying, they will be more likely to grow up as strong adults who can control their emotions.

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