What is the definition of an International School? What are the requirements to enroll?


Along with the globalization of our society, the number of parents who feel that their child should grow up learning to speak English has increased. There are a variety of ways for children to learn English and one of them is to send their children to International School. However, many Japanese parents are unaware of the details of International School and the requirements to enroll. We will cover this information in this article.

What is the definition of an International School? What are the requirements to enroll?

What is an International School?

International Schools were originally created as schools (kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school) for expat families living in Japan to attend. Therefore, they do not follow the Japanese School Education Act and are divided by age. All classes are held in English.

Currently, many international schools accept children of a many different nationalities including Japanese nationals.
International school is available for children between the age of 3 years and 19 years old. On average, the cost for a child to attend International School from kindergarten through high school is about 28,500,000 yen to 36,000,000 yen for 12 years.
This makes the tuition for International School more expensive than Japanese schools.

What are the requirements for enrollment at International School?
Most International Schools require students to have an English level that will allow them to follow along in class and with the homework.
Some schools also require parents (or at least one parent) to also understand enough English to communicate with the school and teachers.

Families who are interested in sending their child to International School but are not confident in English, should start by sending their child to International Preschool from a young age. This will give their child the opportunity to gain the English skills they need for future international schooling in a fun environment.
It is not required for children or parents to speak English to attend an International Preschool.

Do International Schools have entrance exams?
English checks are required to enter most International Schools.
Whether the check includes reading and writing depends on the school.
Sometimes, the test also includes math and other topics. Some schools even have parents come in for an interview and English check. When applying to International School it is important for both parents and children to be prepared.

Attending International School, will require parents to invest a lot of money and children to pass difficult English tests.
For parents who want their children to learn English, there are other options such as English conversation schools and English language cram schools.
It is beneficial to start English learning as early as possible by attending baby and toddler classes at schools with native English-speaking teachers.
This will help prepare your child for future English learning whether it is at an International School or English conversation school.

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