Let’s teach our children to count in English!


Many Japanese families want their young children to learn English but are not sure how to teach them.
Teaching young children how to count in English is one suggestion.
This is because it includes vocabulary that is easy to remember and there are many fun ways to learn how to count in English. In this article, we will introduce some fun ways to teach English to young children.

Let’s teach our children to count in English!

Counting familiar things around them in English!

When counting in English, it is effective to look at the actual numbers.
For example, write 1-10 on flash cards and line them up in order. Then your child can say the number with you as you pass him/her the card.
When you get up to 10, you can switch and have your child hand you the card as he/she says the number.
Touching the cards will help your child remember what the number looks like and what it sounds like.
Coloring each number, a different color will help them differentiate between numbers.

Singing the counting song in English
Young children learn through rhymes. If parents or teachers use a “counting song” to teach children how to count in English, it will make learning fun and enjoyable.
It is even more effective if you include a video along with the song.
There are many “English counting songs” but we recommend “Ten Little Indian Boys”.
In this song, 10 cute little Indian boys appear one at a time and children count them one by one.
The cute characters will draw young children’s interest. Children can also practice using their fingers to count along with the song.

Using a game to learn numbers in English
Playing the “Memory Game” in English using playing cards is another fun way to learn how to count in English.
Take out the Joker, King and Queen cards and only use the 1(Ace) – 10 cards. Turn over all the cards and mix them up.
Decide the play order and have each player pick up 2 cards and say the number in English. For example, 2 & 6 is “two and six”.
The rules are just like the memory game where the player keeps the 2 cards if they are the same number.
Players can go again if they get a match. Continue playing until you run out of cards. The player with the most cards at the end wins.
This game will encourage your child to count from 1-10 many times which will help him/her remember the vocabulary.

If children are not having fun learning to count, they will not want to continue.
It is important that parents and teachers find fun counting activities that children will enjoy doing.
To further encourage English learning, it is recommended to attend baby and toddler English classes with Native English-speaking teachers from a very young age. Once your child shows an interest in learning English, please check out the English schools around you.

Using a game to learn numbers in English
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