How to help your child learn to spell in English


With the introduction of English learning in elementary schools, many Japanese parents are encouraging their children to attend English classes before they enter elementary school.
Children’s English conversation skills will improve naturally by being in an English language environment.

However, English spelling is something that children have to sit down and memorize.
In this article, we will introduce some effective ways to remember English spelling which are used in English-speaking countries.

How to help your child learn to spell in English

Learn and understand the basic spelling rules

It is hard even for adults to literally memorize English vocabulary.
It is easier to remember words when you hear them pronounced correctly. In English-speaking countries, children learn to spell using a method called phonics. In phonics, children learn the connection between the letter, the sound it makes and how it is read. For example, “A, B, C” becomes “aa, bu and ku”.
“A, B, C” are the name of the letters but the sounds are different.
If a child understands phonics and the basic spelling rules, he/she can write out a word as soon as he/she hears it.
At first it may be hard to associate the sounds with the letters but learning phonics will help children make this connection.

Learn spelling by reading English books
In English-speaking countries, in addition to studying phonics, children learn to ready English picture books.
Many English words do not follow the rules and children learn these words through reading.
Parents should choose books based on topics that their child is interested in and that contain few words. Books with lots of pictures help children pick up the vocabulary because they can associate it with the picture shown.
Once they get used to reading, parents can choose books with fewer pictures and more writing. It is important that children gain a love of reading so parents should make sure to choose books that are at their child’s level.

Learn spelling by writing words down
It is easier to remember words by writing sentences about what you felt or thought. Writing a journal is a great way to practice writing and learn how to spell.
Children will learn the phrases they use regularly and will also learn the spelling of new words. Also, writing about what you experienced will help you connect the experience to the English vocabulary used to describe it. This will make it easier to remember the meaning and spelling of the words used.
If parents or teachers add comments, then children can learn reading skills as well.

English vocabulary cannot be learned naturally.
It requires perseverance and practice to remember new words. The study methods covered in this article are all fun and should be used in everyday English learning. Once your child enjoys learning English, it is a good idea to enroll him/her in classes with Native English-speaking teachers.
The exposure to live English by native speakers will further enhance their English skills.

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