Some tips for handling children that dislike brushing their teeth


Many children dislike brushing their teeth after they eat and before they go to bed.
If you let them brush their own teeth, they do it really quickly which can lead to more cavities.
In this article, we will introduce tips for parents to follow to encourage their child to brush their teeth correctly.
It is a good idea for parents who have children that dislike tooth brushing to take a look at this article.

Some tips for handling children that dislike brushing their teeth

Why do children dislike tooth brushing

Here are some reasons why children dislike tooth brushing.

The toothbrush hurts
For children who do not have all their teeth yet, the toothbrush may scrape their gums and hurt.
When the teeth are starting to come in, using a hard toothbrush may be even more painful.
Parents should consider using a different toothbrush.

It is hard to breathe
When you hold your child down to keep him/her from moving when brushing his/her teeth, it can make it difficult for him/her to breathe.
It is also difficult for children to hold their mouths open for an extended period of time.
When children act up it is a good idea to wait until they calm down and then finish brushing as soon as you can.

Tips for making toothbrushing fun
For children who dislike toothbrushing, it is a good idea to take advantage of the various tools that make it more enjoyable.

Picture Books
Reading books that include children or animals brushing their teeth will make the topic more understandable.
Picture books are a great way to explain what happens to children who don’t brush their teeth.

Make use of toothbrushing videos. Brushing your teeth to fun music and animation will make it more fun. It is important to teach your child that brushing their teeth is fun.

Stuffed Animals
It is also a good idea to use their favorite stuffed animal to show how to brush one’s teeth. Letting your child hold the toothbrush and use it on his/her stuffed animal will give them more motivation to brush their own teeth.

Brushing your teeth together is a great way to improve parent-child relationships

Brushing your teeth as a family is a great way to spend time together.
So, it is not a good idea to be forceful or make scary faces when brushing your child’s teeth. It is important that parents make toothbrushing fun and relaxing for their child.
If your child gets scared when brushing his/her teeth, give them a hug and help them calm down. Praise them when they brush their teeth correctly.
This will make them more motivated to brush their teeth correctly the next time as well.

Let’s make toothbrushing fun and use the time to improve the family relationship. Attending a toothbrushing workshop is another good way to encourage your child to like toothbrushing.
By introducing your child to the importance of toothbrushing from a young age, you will help prevent them from getting cavities.

Brushing your teeth together is a great way to improve parent-child relationships
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