Have fun this Summer in your own pool! Some ideas and cautions to take to help your child enjoy the pool!


Families who have a small backyard or larger balcony often take out their kiddy pool during the Summer.
Kiddy pools are convenient for cooling young children down and are a fun type of water play for the whole family. In this article, we will cover how to prepare for water play and some cautions for families to take. Please use this information when playing in the water this Summer.

Have fun this Summer in your own pool! 
Some ideas and cautions to take to help your child enjoy the pool!

Preparations for playing in the pool
When you play in a kiddy pool in your backyard or on your balcony, make sure to prepare the following items.

Kiddy Pool
There are big size kiddy pools and smaller size kiddy pools. Please choose the one that best fits in your space.

Pool Mat
Putting the pool directly on the ground may cause children to hurt their feet on the rocks below.
It is a good idea to lay a special pool mat with cushioning under the pool.

Playing outside in the direct sunlight for an extended period of time will lead to sunburn. Make sure to put waterproof sunscreen on your child before he/she goes out to play.
Also, it is possible to get sunstroke when playing in the water.
Try putting up an umbrella over the pool and having your child take time out in the shade when playing outside for an extended period of time.

Electric Pump
When trying to blow up a kiddy pool, it is convenient to have an electric pump.
Having the pump will make it easier to blow up the pool so children can play right away.

Some more items that will make playing in the pool more fun!

Beach Ball
There are many kinds of beach balls: some are more colorful and others have popular characters on them.
Playing with colorful beach balls will make the pool even more fun for your child.

Shower Cup
Shower cups, which have different spouts for letting water out, are very popular among children. Try preparing a shower cup with their favorite character.

Playing in the pool at home is convenient because you have all your child’s toys nearby and you cannot lose them.
Let’s gather your child’s favorite toys so they can enjoy playing in the pool!

Some Cautions for Playing in the Kiddy Pool

Keep an eye on your child to prevent accidents
Young children can drown in even less than a few centimeters of water.
This is why it is important that parents keep an eye on their child and are in an arm’s distance at all times when they are in the pool.

Be careful about dehydration
When children are having fun playing, they often do not think about stopping for a drink.
However, playing in the water is quite strenuous and we often lose a lot of water from our bodies.
It is important that parents are nearby to encourage their child to drink on a regular basis.

Children enjoy playing in the kiddy pool on a hot day.
It is a great way to have fun at home in the Summer.
However, let’s make sure we take all the precautions into consideration so we can avoid any accidents and injuries.

Some Cautions for Playing in the Kiddy Pool
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