【From England】The Top 7 Games Among Children


Just as each country has a different culture, games that are popular among kids also differ.
As parents, we are interested in learning about which games are popular in each country. In this article, we will explore which games are popular among children in England. Please check them out.

【From England】The Top 7 Games Among Children”?

Popular Children’s Games in England
When we hear England, we imagine a culture (including music and art) that is very different than Japanese culture. However, games such as hide and seek and playing in the mud are also very popular in England. Many children even play with origami paper and string like children do in Japan.
But of course, there are many games in England that are not played by Japanese children. In this article, we have chosen 7 of these games.

This game is also known in Japan but British children often play with JENGA.
In this game, children build up a tower and carefully take turns pulling out the blocks without toppling the tower.

In this game, children make a pile of the domino cards and take the decided number of cards.
If you have a card with the same number as the total of the dots on the domino then you can put down your card. The player who gets rid of all his cards first wins.

Chess is often called the national game of England. The game is also well known in Japan but in England the game plays the same role as Shogi does in Japan.
In England, they have special “open chess” locations where people of all ages can enjoy the game.

Creating a hidden home outside is a form of play that is also popular in Japan.
A fort refers to a hidden house and cave. Children gather branches to make a three-sided roof and then lay out a blanket inside to make it more comfortable. They then hide their precious items in the fort and/or cave and play with them. Children in England enjoy making tents and caves indoors as well with cushions, pillows and chairs.

Children use the same marbles that are popular in Japan but the games differ. They pile up books, pens and notebooks to create special courses to race the marbles.

Children place a cookie or other snack on their forehead and try to move it to their mouth only using their face muscles.
If they are able to accomplish the task, their reward is to eat the item. It is harder than you think.

Children make a bracelet of tape with the sticky side facing outside. They then go around the park or backyard and pick up small items from nature to stick to their bracelet.
They have fun creating their own original bracelets. This game is especially popular with girls.

Did you enjoying reading about popular children’s games in England? Many of the games covered can be played in Japan as well.
Incorporating English games into your child’s playtime will help him/her learn more about the English culture.
Also, trying games from around the world will encourage your child to gain interest in the world around him/her and the English language.
Attending English classes from a young age will give your child the opportunity to experience many of these games and come away feeling that learning English is fun! If you want your child to improve his/her English language skills then attending play-based classes in English is very effective.

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