Crafts ideas to enjoy with young children during the Fall season!


Autumn, often called “Autumn of Art” in Japan, is a great season to enjoy crafts. Children can collect fallen leaves and nuts and use them for craft projects and to learn about nature. Crafts are a great way to keep kids busy at home when the weather is bad. In this article, we will introduce some Autumn craft ideas you can enjoy with your children.


Craft ideas using materials unique to Autumn

Children can collect acorns, pine cones and colored fallen leaves while at the park. Please check the below craft ideas which use materials unique to autumn.

Create a Poster of Leaves and Nuts

If you collect a lot of autumn leaves and nuts and put them on a piece of paper, you will have a poster that is perfect for autumn. You will need thick drawing paper, brown drawing paper, dried leaves, and nuts (acorns, pine cones, etc.).

Start by pasting a tree trunk made with brown drawing paper on a piece of thick drawing paper. Then go ahead and stick the leaves and nuts you collected on the brown tree trunk. Please allow your child to stick the leaves and nuts on the paper freely so he/she can expand his/her imagination. Once your child is finished gluing the materials on the paper, you can add drawings. Once it is done, please post it on the wall as a seasonal piece of interior.

* When using acorns, freeze them for 7 to 10 days, or boil them in a pot and then dry them in the sun to prevent insects from coming out. Also, leaves that absorb moisture can be easily handled by drying them in the sun for about half a day.

Try making an Autumn Nut Cake from cardboard and acorns

Children can enjoy making cute cakes from cardboard cut into triangles, nuts, and glue.

Start by making 3 triangles out of a cardboard box. Then, go ahead and have your child stick some nuts on the first cardboard triangle and cover it with the second cardboard triangle from above. Glue nuts on the second cardboard and put the third triangle on top.

Finally, add the remaining nuts as “cake toppings” and let them dry to complete the project. If you make the nuts sandwiched between the second and third pieces smaller, it will look like a real cake. In addition, it is recommended that you prepare nuts of various sizes for toppings so that children can enjoy choosing what they like.

Other Autumn themed crafts that can be made with simple materials!

There are many other kinds of Autumn themed crafts for children to enjoy. One craft that is particularly popular is called “Tonbo no Megane” or “Dragonfly Glasses” and is based on a famous nursery rhyme.

Using your favorite color of drawing paper, cut out 2 dragonfly eyes, 1 body and 4 wings. Then cut two pieces of cellophane slightly larger than the size of the inside of the eyes and paste them behind the eyes. If children are too young to do the cutting then parents should offer to help.

Once all the parts have been cut, turn it over and glue the torso, the two eyes, and the splashes to complete.
If you stick disposable chopsticks on the back of the body, it will be easier to hold.

The color of cellophane can be the same for both eyes, or different for the left and right. When using the dragonfly glasses, even familiar scenery feels different.

The Fall weather makes it easier to go outside than Summer. However, sometimes children need to find activities to keep them busy indoors for when it is cold and rainy outside. Doing crafts is a great activity to do when at home with your child.

Another fun indoor activity during the Fall is attending mommy & me classes, preschool or after school programs.
During these programs, children can acquire communication and social skills through indoor play with their friends.