【For 1~2 year-olds】Suggested Age-appropriate Chores for Children!


Most parents want to raise a child who is willing to help around the house. Therefore, it is important that parents encourage children to help from a young age and teach their child that it is fun to help others. There are many chores that even young children can enjoy. In this article, we will introduce some chores targeted at 1 and 2-year-old children.


Chores recommended for 1-year old children

Although one-year old children are often still considered babies, once they can walk on their own, it is a good idea to introduce games that encourage helping around the house.

Help with cleaning using an adhesive roller

Adhesive rollers that roll around to remove dust from cloth products are like toys for small children. They can be used to help clean sofas and carpets. When asking for help, parents should show their child that roller should not be used on people (especially their hair) and the trash should be put in the garbage not in their mouth.

Help putting their toys in a toy box

Although it is still hard for a one-year-old child to handled detailed clean up, putting their toys in a box when their done is often an extension of their play. Parents can encourage their children to put their toys in the toy box when they are finished playing. If parents say “thank you” when their child properly puts their toys in the box, it will foster a sense of self-affirmation and help them learn the importance of returning what you used.

Help with Cooking Prep

Parents can ask their young children to separate the shimeji mushrooms into small bunches or crush the tofu to be used for tofu hamburgers by hand. Young children can also help by tearing off cabbage or lettuce. Any tasks that do not require a knife or fire can be done by young children. It is important for parents to make the tasks fun and praise their child when they perform the tasks well.

Chores recommended for 2-year old children

At the age of two, many children enter the “No-No Phase” and get easily upset when adults don’t let them do things on their own. Therefore, this is a good time to encourage your child to help on his/her own. Children are also better communicators and more dexterous with their hands at this age so they can perform more tasks.

Help with cooking, washing rice, cutting ingredients, and stirring

At the age of two, children’s range of interests expands dramatically. If your child is interested in cooking, it is a great time to ask him/her to help in the kitchen. Some tasks we recommend are: washing the rice, cutting soft ingredients with a children’s knife, or stirring in a pot or frying pan.

Children’s knives have a round cutting edge so they are safer than regular knives and protect children from cutting their fingers. However, parents still need to keep an eye on their little one when they are using them. The best food to have them cut are steamed or chilled vegetables (pumpkin, sweet potatoes, etc.). Many children tend to eat the vegetables they cut so you may want to try asking them to cut vegetables that they do not like to eat.

Folding Towels

As children reach the age of two and grow older, they become more and more dexterous. Asking your child to help fold the towels (starting with small hand towels) is a great idea. Parents can show their children how to fold the towel and practice with them. When they get it right, make sure to give them a lot of compliments. Once the towel is folded, you can have them help take it to the towel storage area.

It is important that children aged 1 to 2 are given the opportunity to try doing things on their own. This will help them feel better about themselves while giving them fun memories. When children learn that “helping is fun” from a young age, they will be more likely to want to continue to help around the house when they get older.