How can parents teach their child to get ready themselves in the morning?


Many parents are worried that their child will be unable to prepare him/herself smoothly in the morning. Since parents are often busy in the morning, it is helpful if children can do some tasks on their own. In this article, we will introduce some tips for helping your child prepare in the morning on their own.


What causes children to be late in the morning?

Why does it take children so much time to get ready in the morning? There are many reasons which are often hidden to their parents.

They eat slowly

Many children have less of an appetite in the morning because they are still sleepy or they ate more food then they needed the night before. This makes it hard for them to eat their breakfast quickly.

They take a long time to get dressed

Some children have no problem changing their clothes quickly on a regular basis but tend to take their time when they know their parents are in a rush. As a result, for 2-5-year-olds, it is a good idea for parents to avoid putting out clothes with buttons and zippers when they want their child to get dressed quickly.

They are not prepared

When children wake up and spend time lazily, it is often because they do not have a good sense of time. Compared to adults, children still have an immature sense of time so they often hang around without being aware of it.

How can parents help children prepare themselves in the morning?

It is important for parents to find out why things do not go smoothly in the morning and take the appropriate countermeasures so their child can prepare himself/herself when needed. Please look at the below tips for examples.

Tips regarding Breakfast

It is often effective to ask your child what he/she wants for breakfast. For example, you can ask your child to choose their favorite jam or rice ball ingredients. Children are more motivated to eat when they feel that they have chosen it for themselves.

It is also easier for children to eat simply (main + soup) than a mixture of a lot of dishes in the morning. Miso soup and other soups that have a lot of nutrients are good dishes to prepare for breakfast.

Tips for Changing Clothes

For children who still have difficulty doing buttons, it is a good idea to help when needed. Children feel a sense of accomplishment and will be motivated to try more next time if they can do things on their own.

If your child has a hard time choosing his/her clothes, it is often helpful to prepare a “change of clothes” box and have him/her choose from what is in the box. You can prepare clothes, handkerchiefs, tissues, hats, etc. the night before and put them in the box the night before. This will give your child plenty of time to change his/her clothes in the morning.

Visualize the Preparation Flow

Creating a “preparation checklist” with your child is a great way to share the tasks that need to be done during the preparation period. The checklist will make it easier for your child to understand the contents and flow of morning preparations.

Making a table of what actions need to be taken and when is also a good idea. You can make the table colorful and post it on the wall or on a whiteboard so children can see it easily. It will help children see at a glance what has been completed and what still needs to be done.

Although parents want to rush their child when they can’t get ready in the morning fast enough. Hurrying is often counterproductive. So, it is recommended that parents instead focus on making getting ready fun. Please think about ways you can make preparation fun such as playing music or giving high fives when each task is finished.