[USA version] The top 3 games among children from foreign countries


In Japan, games like “hide and seek” and “Mr. Daruma Fell Over” are popular children’s games. What games are popular among foreign children? In this article, we will introduce 3 popular children’s games in America. Playing these games will help children learn English as well so we recommend trying them if you can.

[USA version] The top 3 games among children from foreign countries

Popular Game #1 Duck, Duck, Goose
The game “Duck, Duck, Goose” has the same rules as the popular Japanese game “handkerchief fell down”.
The person who is “it” is chosen and everyone else sits on the ground in a circle. The person who is “it” then walks around the circle saying “Duck, duck, duck” and tapping the players on the head. When he says “goose”, the person who is tapped stands up and chases the person who is “it”.
The person who is “it” escapes by sitting down where the “goose” previously sat. The other child is then “it” and the game goes on. The game is more fun when there are a lot of children playing.

Popular Game #2 What time is it, Mr. Wolf?
This game is similar to “Mr. Daruma Fell Over”. The person who is “it” is chosen and the rest of the children line up at the other end of the room or ground.
When the children ask “what time is it Mr. Wolf?” the person who is “it” says a time.
For example, if the person who is “it” says “3-o’clock”, the children count to 3 and take 3 steps forward. If the person who is “it” says “It’s lunch time” the children need to run away so they are not caught. When the person who is “it” touches another child, that child becomes “it”.
This game is a great way to learn useful English phrases and numbers.

Popular Game #3 Hot Potato
In this game, children pass around a ball (“hot potato”) around the circle along with the music.
The game is called “hot potato” because the children pretend the ball is a “hot potato” and have to quickly pass it to the child next to them. When the music stops, the child who is holding the “hot potato” is out.
This game can be played inside or outside so it is a great game for a rainy or cold day. The rules are easy enough for young children to enjoy the game. You can use a stuffed animal or any toy you have around the house when you do not have a ball.

Playing games from English speaking countries will help your child pick up the language in a fun environment.
Many games have similar rules to Japanese games so it is easy for even young children to enjoy. The games can also be played at home parties and during play dates.

Once your child begins to enjoy learning English words, it is a good idea to take him/her to an English language school or classes held in English.
The Native English-speaking teacher will help him/her improve his/her listening and speaking skills.

Popular Game #3 Hot Potato
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