It is Important to Have “Patience” and Use “Praise” When Disciplining Children


Mothers with children often think about discipline and how it can be used effectively.
Recently, what one person thinks as “discipline” can be looked upon as “abuse” by someone else and lead to an incident that receives public attention.

That being said, if adults do not “discipline” their children, their children will not acquire the manners and personality that they need to live in the real world.
This will cause them problems when they become an adult.

What is important when it comes to “discipline” with children is “patience” and “praise”.

Let’s look into why keeping these terms and actions in mind is an important part of “discipline”.

How should we practice “patience” and “praise”?
Let’s find out how each action should be used depending on your child’s personality.

Kids who love to play outside and go on adventures! Kids that want to try everything!

When dealing with kids who have a great deal of curiosity, papa and momma’s patience becomes very important.

When kids what to try to do everything, whether it is play or helping out, parents get excited.
As a result, we often try to help them as much as we can. However, it is important for parents to let their children explore on their own and let them do things on their own.

Also, children with this type of personality often take pride in their performance and relate this feeling directly to their parents.

Taking their feelings seriously and praising them appropriately will help them gain self-esteem and develop into a bright and honest adult.

Kids who have trouble saying what they want! — Kids who are shy!

For kids who are shy, it is important to wait patiently for them to tell you what they want and not try to pull it out of them.
Sometimes it is important to think of what they may want to do and act accordingly.
However, if parents continue to act for them, these kids will not gain the courage to share their feelings in a group or organizational setting.

Kids with this type of personality often keep their feeling inside without sharing them with others.
Often what they want to do is different from what we think they want to do.

Let’s wait patiently for children to share their feelings and move on their own rather than forcing our ideas on them.

When praising them, speak with a straight face and from the heart.
If you let them know that you are watching them they will gain self-confidence.

Going My Way! — Kids who move at their own pace!

Kids who become engrossed in drawing and arts and crafts and play in their own world are examples of kids with this personality type.

Children, unlike adults, do not have a sense of time.
Many parents have problems getting their child ready to leave the house everyone morning.

Children who move at their own pace often get engrossed with what is in front of them and don’t pay attention to time.
On their way home, they continue to collect acorns and leaves and when they start an arts and crafts project they don’t want to stop for dinner.

At these times, many parents get angry and frustrated.
However it is important to calm down and wait until they are ready.
The concentration skills they develop will be helpful when they study and work in the future.

Did you find this article helpful?
Let’s try to be “patient” and “praise” our children so that they grow up to be confident and happy adults.

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