4 Coping Techniques for Dealing With Anger So You Can Avoid Taking It Out on Your Little One


When your child “doesn’t listen to what you are saying” or “talks smart” in the midst of busy child-rearing, parents often get angry and scold their child without thinking.

I am sure that many parents who are in the midst of child-rearing have had this experience.
Many of you also probably regretted getting angry at your child when your saw their expression.

When child-rearing, “anger” is not an emotion that should be exhibited.
However, it is often impossible to perfectly control the “anger” inside you no matter how hard you try.
“Anger” is a very strong emotion.
Behind the “anger” there is often loneliness, sadness, anxiety and other hidden feelings that cannot be explained.

However, by learning how to ward off anger, you will be able to better manage your own stress which will help during child-rearing.
In this article, we will introduce some strategies for coping with anger.

1.Escape from the situation and take deep breaths

This is a method that can be used when you feel deep anger as a last minute strategy.
If you yell at your child, they will be in self-denial.
When you feel really angry and are afraid you might touch your child, quickly move into another room and take some deep breaths.
It is often possible to calm down within a minute or so.

To begin with, breathe slowly so that you feel it in your lungs.

2.Try to understand the root of you anger

Please try to take in and hold your anger within your own body.
Tell yourself “it is OK, it is OK” and hold your chest and calm yourself down.

Then try to think of where the anger is coming from.
Wherever the anger is coming from, it is a SOS sign through which your body is trying to tell you something.

Take the time to listen to yourself and find out why you are angry.

3.Express your feelings

Try expressing your true feelings to your child after you have calmed down and think you can talk with them peacefully.
If you are angry about your child’s behavior, please ask them why they behaved that way and give them a chance to explain.

4.Take good care of yourself

If you feel that you are getting angry a lot recently then you are probably very stressed out.
It is important that you take good care of yourself.
If you are nice to yourself, you will be nice to others.

Try various activities that you would like to do for yourself.
For example, eating delicious cake, listening to the radio, trying on a new kind of make-up or taking a long bath.
Performing these activities will make you feel more relaxed and gain a piece of mind.

Mothers who cannot take the time for them should not expect to be perfect when it comes to housework and child rearing.
It is important to set aside time for yourself when possible.

Lastly, don’t think that being “angry” is a bad thing.
What is important is that you are not confounded by the anger.
Just knowing that there are many ways to cope with your anger will make you feel a lot more comfortable.

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