How to improve your child’s athletic ability from early childhood


We often hear in the news that children’s athletic ability is declining.

As a result, many parents try to put their children in gymnastics and swimming classes from a young age with the hope that they will become more athletic.
Many people think that if children start sports young they will become good athletes.

In this article, we will consider if this is really true and will introduce activities that will help enhance children’s athletic ability.

Enhance your child’s athletic ability through fun play activities

Research shows that children who are encouraged to move their bodies through their favorite play activities become more athletic than children who attend gymnastics and swimming classes from an early age.

In addition to attending classes where children can move their bodies creatively, playing with balls, on the swing, and games like tag and hide and seek will also enhance a child’s athletic ability.

Learning how to follow the rules and encouraging concentration and motivation through group activities also leads to an increase in athletic ability.
During early childhood, it is important to let children play their favorite activities which will encourage their self-motivation.

Introduce age-appropriate play activities

「Some parents may wonder what specific activities they should introduce to their children at what age.
However, it is more important to find activities that your child enjoys than to worry about the specific activities.

For 3-4 year olds, it is important to include activities that focus on balance and flexibility.
We recommend playing on the swings and slides in the park and playing horse-riding lap games.

By the time they reach 4-5 years old, children are able to use their hands more effectively so parents should start encouraging them to play games that require the use of equipment.
For example, jump rope and ball games.

5-6 year olds can successfully combine various body movements so it is a good time to introduce games with specific rules such as tag.

It is important that the activities are fun for your child

No matter how age-appropriate the play activities are they are meaningless if your child does not enjoy them.

It is important for parents to be aware of which activities their child likes and incorporate as many of the activities they like as possible when playing with them.
As soon as they experience a feeling of dislike toward an activity, they will think negatively towards exercise and sports in general.
When trying to enhance your child’s athletic ability it is important to make it fun without pushing them too far.

There are a lot of fun and easy activities to try such as chasing each other, throwing balls and pretending to be trains.
Let’s try to challenge our children from a young age to exercise and have fun with sports.

When trying to enhance your child’s athletic ability, making sure that he/she is having fun and enjoying himself/herself is the most important.

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