Let’s encourage our children to be curious and inquisitive from a young age.


Children ask lots of questions.

Did you know that how parents handle these questions has a large affect on their child’s development?
The root of a child’s curiosity is like that of a fruit-bearing tree.

Encouraging your child to gain knowledge through his/her questions will help your child to develop into a respectable adult.
The role of the parents is to provide an environment where your child is encouraged to grow his/her curiosity.

Provide only hints rather than giving the answer

Please refer to the below tips on how parents should respond so that they can further enhance their child’s curiosity.
One trick is to not give the answer to their question right away.

This is because if they are given the answer to their question too quickly they will not be encouraged to search for the answer on their own.
When asked “why” first try responding with “I wonder why” instead of giving an answer.

This way your child will start thinking about the answer on his/her own.
As a result, he/she will become more curious and encouraged to come up with an answer to his/her own question.

By giving him/her lots of hints, he/she will be encouraged to begin the logical thinking process on his/her own.
Mama should think along with their child and give him/her hints when needed.
Please try to only provide hints and not answer the question for him/her.

Praise them for finding the answer on their own

When a child has a question about something, it is important for him/her to learn how to come up with the answer on his/her own.
When he/she figures it out, praise them by saying “good job”.
The excitement gained from being able to come up with the answer on their own will encourage their curiosity and further learning.

This will in turn make them even more curious and ask even more questions.
Sometimes as parents we feel like laughing at our child’s questions but let’s be careful not to as this may discourage them from asking questions.


Please avoid these words and actions!

When parents are busy they sometimes comment, “Who cares” or “it is too early for you to learn about that” in regards to their child’s questions.

These words and actions will discourage your child’s desire for knowledge.
We understand that raising children can be tiring and difficult at times but let’s try to make sure that we do not contradict our children’s questions.

If children are contradicted, they will stop acting curious. When you feel that you cannot deal with a question, please stand back and take a deep breath and try to calm down before responding.

Encouraging your child’s curiosity will help him/her grow into a knowledgeable adult.
Please feel happy about how your child will find an answer to his/her own questions and encourage him/her to continue to look for the answers.