When asked by your child “why do I have to study”, how would you respond?


What does “studying” mean to children?
Many adults spent their school age years asking the same question as they studied.

As a parent, how would you respond to the following questions: “why do I have to study”, “how is it going to help me in the future?”?

Many of us may not know how we should respond or what the best answer is.
In this article, we will introduce how to respond to these questions and how to explain to your child about the importance of studying.

Try responding by asking “what do you think is the reason?”

Although it is the responsibility of the parent to answer his/her child’s questions, it is also a good idea to give your child the opportunity to think for himself/herself.

It is also an opportunity for us (as parents) to understand how children think about the reasons for studying.
Some children may respond right away with an answer and others may answer with “I don’t know”.

For children who gave an answer, it is important to acknowledge the answer and for children who answered that they do now know it is important to be sensitive to their feelings.

Show your child that learning is fun.

As busy parents, we are tempted to answer “because it will be useful in the future”.
However, this is an answer that many children will find hard to understand.

We also often hear the answer “we study so we can have the career of our choice in the future”.
However, this sometimes leads children to say that they do not want to have that career because they do not like studying for it.

When you receive that response we recommend the following explanation: “learning new things and things that you think are mysterious is a cool thing”.

Please share with your child the importance of going after their dream and learning things that they do not know and how much fun learning can be.

It is important that they have a positive image of studying and learning.

Teach them that they have a choice

When asked by a child if what they are studying now will be useful in the future, most parents actually think it will not.

However, children can make their own choices about the future.
Even if children have a dream about what they want to be in the future, many careers require specific knowledge that can only be gained through studying.

It is also a good idea to let them know that if they study many different areas now they will be covered when they decide what they want to be in the future.

The real reason for studying may be to gain the judgement needed to survive and make decisions.

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