How can we raise our children to be confident?


A child’s future personality is greatly influenced by how he/she was raised and educated.
As adults, we face various issues and need to compete with others to come up on top. At these times, it is very important to be confident.

There are many adults who do not have self-confidence.

Few people can say that they are confident in whatever they do.

As a result, if we can raise our children to have confidence in themselves, they will be able to have a positive attitude about whatever comes their way and be strong psychologically.

How should we raise and educate our children to help them gain confidence?


Give them respect and let them travel the road of success

Sometimes children show an interest in something or want to do something that you do not want them to.
When this happens, it is important that we, as parents, do not crush their interest.

Causing them to feel that what they want to do is wrong or should be avoided, may prevent them from going after their ambitions in the future.
Seeing how their desired actions lead to success will help them gain self-confidence.
If we, as parents, stop them from performing those actions we will prevent them from experiencing success.

Let’s respect what our children want to do and allow them to be challenged.

Reward the process as well as the result

When a child achieves their goal and succeeds, we should go out of our way to praise them.

However, if we only praise them when they succeed, the result becomes everything. In order to prevent them from losing confidence, it is important to teach our children that they cannot succeed in everything from a young age.

It is important to praise children for trying to succeed and making the effort.
Even if they fail, if they know they are being praised for the effort they will be more likely to be confident about succeeding in the future.
Let’s try to praise children for their efforts as well as the results of their actions.

Also, if children are only praised for their results, they may avoid taking risks and only perform actions that they feel they will succeed in.

Let them experience failure and frustration

Everyone experiences setbacks and frustration sometime.
However, when we overcome the setbacks and succeed, we feel excitement and gain self-confidence.

Instead of reaching out to help as soon as we see our children struggling, let’s allow them to be frustrated and try to overcome the hurdles ahead of them.
Allowing them to experience failure is a good way to help them gain confidence.

Children gain confidence by experiencing success and failure.
Let’s teach them that they can do it if they try by not getting involved and letting them experience success and failure on their own.
If you give your child space to experiment on their own and challenge him/herself you will be giving them the opportunity to gain confidence.

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