How can we, as parents, help cultivate our child’s talents?


Children grow very fast.
Adults are often surprised at how fast they learn new things.
Therefore, the education style we choose when children are young is very important.
Every child has certain talents so we, as parents, should find a way to help cultivate them.

Shower our children with lots of affection

Children react more to emotions than words.
As a result, children are aware whether their parents love them or not.

When parents shower their children with affection, the children gain confidence and the courage to try new challenges.
Even when we are busy, it is important for us to take the time to look our children in the eye, hold them and show them that we love them.

Don’t expect our children to be perfect

Children develop at different speeds.
Some children develop quickly and can perform various tasks from a young age.
While some children take longer to learn new things.
Even if your child is on the slower side, it is important that you do not compare them to their peers.

Children cannot be perfect in every way.
It is important to allow children to play freely with friends and on their own.
When they learn how to do a new task, please praise them.

Don’t interrupt when they are engrossed in an activity

When a child is engrossed in a book or drawing a picture, it is a good idea to let them continue without trying to talk with them and break their concentration.

When children are concentrating, they are using their imagination.
It is difficult to learn how to concentrate and use one’s imagination once we are adults.
If we let our children gain these skills when they are children, they are likely to become more talented as they grow.

Emotions are more important than the technique used

We often praise children who can play a difficult song on the piano or dribble the soccer ball correctly.

Of course have technique is important. However, children should be taught that it is not all about learning the techniques and that enjoying the activities is also important.
When one enjoys an activity, they are more likely to pick up the techniques naturally.
When forced to do an activity, children only progress to a certain point.
It is important that parents focus on the importance of emotions and not too much on technique with their children.

From when our children are young, let’s give them the opportunity to do the activities they like as much as possible.

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