How to promote learning in the bathtub


Although parents often want their child to learn from a young age, many children are not interested right away.
Keep in mind that forcing children to learn sometimes has an opposite effect.
For these parents, we would like to recommend learning with your child during bath time.
Making use of the time you have with your child in the bath is also a great way for busy parents to spend quality time with their children.
During bath time, children can learn while having fun and communicating with their parents.
Not many young children can sit at a desk and study but most children enjoy play-based learning.

Enjoying play-based learning activities during bath time will also encourage children who do not like the shower and bath to come in the water.

For parents who want their child(ren) to have a large vocabulary

Playing word games in the bathtub is a fun learning activity.
Once children get used to the game, parents can add rules like animal names, food names, etc.
Shouting out words that end in the same letter (ex. mikan, purin, yochien) is another fun way to play the game.

Playing word games during bath time will enable your child to increase their vocabulary and show interest in new words naturally.
Writing letters with one’s fingers when washing their back is another game that many children like.

It is important to take the time to communicate with your child and listen to what they have to say.
Instead of asking free-floating questions it is best to ask direct questions which are easier for children to answer.
For example, instead of asking “Did you have fun at kindergarten?”; you can ask “Did you play on the slide today?”, “What song did you sing at kindergarten today?”, and other direct questions that are easy for your child to answer.
Parents tend to choose topics that they like when communicating with their child.
However, young children still have a limited vocabulary so it is best to use targeted, direct questions when possible.

For parents who want their child(ren) to become strong in math

Let’s try to teach our children about numbers in the bathtub.
For children who can already count to 100, parents can make it more difficult by having them only use even or odd numbers, try counting backwards, etc.
For young children, try using bathtub toys like fish or ducks and make practicing to count fun.
Through communication, parents can even further encourage their child’s math learning by asking questions such as “if I move 2 fish from the bucket, how many do I have left?”
If you do not have bath toys, please feel free to use pet bottles or other items you have at home.

For parents who want their child to become more creative

We suggest that parents with children who enjoy drawing and music focus on enhancing these skills.
One way to do this is to give them bath crayons which erase with hot water.
These crayons can be used to write on the walls and the bathtub so for kids that like drawing it is a good way to get them in the bathtub.

For children who like singing, try singing together in the bath and shower.
Singing in the bath will make the bath experience more relaxing.
Parents can ask which songs they studied in kindergarten or school or use songs that you learned when you were their age.
These bath time experiences will be remembered even after they become adults.

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