Play is important! Play makes children smarter!


Many adults feel guilty about allowing their children to play.
They feel that “children do not get anything out of it” and “it is a waste of time”.

Many parents tell their children that if they have time to play that they should spend it on studying instead.

However, for children, play is a mandatory activity for the growth of their body and mind.
Through play, children learn the important steps they need to survive in the future.

Learning Social Skills through Play

Results show that [adults who have great social skills played a lot as children].
According to surveys, the majority of adults who answered that [they have good communication skills] and [enjoy a challenge] also answered that they played a lot as children.

In comparison, the majority of adults who answered that they have poor communication skills and do not like challenge did not have the opportunity to play a lot as children.

Children require communication skills and a spirit of challenge to succeed in future schooling and the work environment.

In order to expand their social adaptableness in the future, children should have the opportunity to experience play while they are young.

[Pretend Play] helps children improve their social skills

Playing with dolls. Playing house. Play acting as superheroes.
Children become in engaged in various kinds of pretend play activities.
During pretend play, children play different roles and communicate with their peers.
Sometimes, in order to go along with their peer’s opinions and assertions, they even have to play a character that has different beliefs than their own.

Research shows that children who spend a lot of time performing pretend play activities are more likely to be cooperative.
During pretend play, children are required to consider other’s point of view and learn how to .

Do children who play a lot become smarter?

Survey results show that [students who have been accepted into top universities played a lot as young children].
Just because students are smart does not mean that they spent a lot of time studying when they were young.

In order to cultivate concentration skills and self-motivation skills, it is said that children should play seriously from before they are in elementary school until the early elementary grades.

It is important that adults do not create the play environment for children but allow them to use their imaginations to create their own play environments.

For children, [play] is an important step in allowing them to gain the skills they need for the future.
Let’s give our children lots of opportunities to play when they are young.

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