3 Benefits Children Gain from Playing With Their Daddy


Due to their hard work schedules, many fathers have limited time to play with their children.

Children, who grow up rarely playing with their daddy, end up not expecting to have much time to play with him on a regular basis.

However, are you aware that for children, playing with their daddy has very important advantages?

We will introduce some of these benefits below.

Children feel calm

When playing with their daddy, children often sit on his shoulders or are carried to be placed on play equipment.

Since their daddy can often easily do activities that their mommy can’t, children often feel that their daddy is strong and they can rely on him.

This is an important feeling for children to have.
Knowing how strong their daddy is makes them feel safer and protected.

Children do not see how hard their daddy is working so this is chance for them to see their strength in action.
Children benefit from seeing how strong their daddy is by playing with him.

Daddies can teach their children through play

Mommies have a lot of opportunities to listen to their children. As a result, they tend to forecast their reactions and answers.

The child says “today we had a race at school and I came in 3rd place”.
The mommy says “then you should practice more so that you can do better next time”.

After hearing this comment, children think to themselves, “I thought she would say that”.
At the same time, a mother and father who see the child practicing to race have a totally different first impression.

Mommy says “you now understand why I suggested practicing, don’t you?”
Daddy says “Why are you trying so hard? Was it that upsetting to come in 3rd place? Why do you want to be #1?”
Daddies are in a challenging environment at work and are always trying to improve so they can understand their child’s aspiration and desire to be on top.

When daddy sees their child trying to improve he will offer to practice with him/her and teach him/her how to race.

Since they are not with their child all the time, it is often the daddy that can understand their child’s feelings and concerns and knows how to best communicate what they should do about it.
This type of communication between the daddy and child has an important influence on the child’s development.

Children become smarter

When playing with your child, do you ever feel discouraged because they cannot do something successfully?
When this happens, mommies often become emotional and ask their child “Why can’t you do it? It is easy.”
However, in this situation, daddies can often take a step back and explain why their child cannot do the activity in a logical manner.

Since they are in a work environment most of the time, men learn how to move ahead logically and make decisions.
“This works this way because it is like this but if you change it to this then it will work like this.”
Daddies who can communicate with their child like this can help their child improve in sports and in their studies.

Daddies, who are not with their children a majority of the time, play an important role in their child’s development.
This show how much children are influenced by their daddy.
As daddies, let’s try to make as much time as possible to play with our children and support their development.

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