How can parents help children who dislike sports?


Are you worried because your child dislikes sports?

[My child dislikes any kind of play that involves moving one’s body.]

[Even with friends, he/she always plays indoors rather than going outside.]

When parents see that their child is acting this way, they often worry about whether they should be playing more outside while they are still young.
Is there anything we can do as parents to encourage our child to be more active?
Below, we will introduce some ways to do just that.

Help them find a sport/exercise that they are good in.

The first step is to help them experience how fun exercise and sports can be.

There are a lot of different body movements used during exercise/sports.
Children are good at some of them and not as good at others.
It is important to observe and understand what moves your child is good at and what moves they are not as good at.

For example, if your child is good at jumping, try finding a tall place where they can jump from.
This will enable them to enjoy the movement and make them want to search for more opportunities where they can jump.

It is important for parents to look at their children and introduce exercises/sports that meet their needs.


Praise them when they do a good job.

Children who are not good at sports often criticize themselves and wonder why they cannot do it.
This lack of confidence actually causes them to avoid sports/exercise even more.
In this situation, praising your child for even a small achievement can be very effective.

Try bringing your child to the park and playing with them using jump rope and balls.
When they make a good move make sure to praise them.
Children love to be praised by their parents.
When they are praised for something they tend to repeat the activity so that they can be praised for it again.

This repetition of the activity will encourage them to gain confidence and experience how fun exercise/sports can be.

Help them develop a sense of their body

When learning how to do exercise/sports, it is necessary to develop various senses.
Children will naturally develop exercise skills if they are exposed to these senses from a young age.

Some senses that are needed during exercise are a sense of balance, a sense of height and a sense of turning.
Listening skills and vision are also an important part of exercise and sports.

There are many ways to encourage children to develop these senses.
Such as taking a rhythmic class, dancing to music and pretending to be a singer.

When going to the park, if you climb on the jungle gym or walk on the balance beam your child is more likely to follow along.
Allowing your child to experience how fun these activities are is the first step.

By encouraging your child’s senses you will be able to help them develop and improve their exercise skills.

Children who dislike sports/exercise have a reason for their feelings.
Please observe your child and try to figure out what actions will have a positive influence.
When children figure out the abilities they will naturally begin to exercise to improve them.

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