How can we help our children pursue their dreams?


As children grow up, they have various dreams about their future.
Some may be mindless thoughts or aspirations.
The next day they may have a totally different dream.
However, there are individuals who held onto their childhood dreams and were able to fulfill them as adults.

How can we, as parents, help our children pursue their dreams?
The answer is [to help them gain the necessary skills from their natural environment].
This is the best way that parents can support their children in fulfilling their dreams.

Teach them how to plan and execute

Children understand that they need to be persistent to fulfill their dreams. However, we are not able to fulfill our dreams just because we are persistent.
Whether in sports or study, the people who succeed are the ones who plan before they act.
Being able to plan and execute are essential qualities for fulfilling ones dream.
Let’s make sure children understand this from a young age.

For example, let’s imagine that children want a certain toy.
As a parent, you can suggest that “if they help out around the house they can raise the money they need to buy it”.
Children will then calculate that they need to help 30 times to raise the required money to buy the toy and figure out that it will take 30 days.
Then they will execute their plan so they can go ahead and purchase their toy.

A toy that they purchased with their own hard-earned money is hard for them to forget.
This type of activity also teaches them that they have to work hard to pursue their dreams.

Praise them when they are successful

Let’s make sure to praise our children when they are able to accomplish something that they have planned for and executed.

Children love being praised by their parents.
The more they are praised the harder they will work to receive praise again.

Parents may see a surprising change as a result of their child working hard to receive praise.
They may be able to do sport activities that they couldn’t before or get good grades at subjects they were not as good as in the past.
Children have a lot of possibilities.
Even if they are only performing to receive praise, children will benefit a lot from working hard and putting their energy into something.

Children also become more mentally competent if they feel that they have accomplished their goal.
This feeling of accomplishment will make them more motivated to pursue their dreams.

Teach them that if they stumble they can always try again

Even if they try hard and learn how to do certain tasks they may stumble and have trouble moving ahead.
When they finally learn how to multiply with decimal points, they may stumble with division.
Repeating the same division tables they don’t know over and over again might make them even more frustrated and lose their motivation.

When this happens, it is important that parents and teachers help them learn the reason for their mistakes and they can improve.
You can suggest that they leave division with decimals aside and focus on division with whole numbers. This may help them understand the concept.

When there is something that they do not know or an activity that they cannot do, it is important for them to understand that sometimes if they take a different approach to the subject/activity they may be able to move in the right direction.
As an adult, having experienced working hard to improve or not will make a big difference in whether they can pursue their dreams.
In order for children to gain the knowledge needed to pursue their dreams, it is important that we, as parents, guide them in the right direction.
Children who grow with the support of their parents are more likely to gain self-confidence and courage to go after their dreams.

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