In today’s society, the number of children who prefer to play on their own is increasing. What can parents do to help?


When children turn 3 years old, they have more opportunities to interact with the society around them.

This is because it is the age where they begin to go to daycare, kindergarten, school and various lessons during which they are in the same room as other kids their age.
However, in recent years, we see more children between the age of 3 and 6 years old who have trouble playing with their peers.
Just like in adult society, social rules and roles play an important part of relationships among children as well.

Some children have trouble following these social roles and rules and are uncertain about entering their circle of friends.
What should parents do when this happens?

Let’s encourage our children to be adaptable slowly.

For children, their first experience in society is full of anxiety.
Until now, the only society they knew was that led by their mama and papa.
It is difficult for them to adapt to a totally different environment right away.
When they are unable to adapt well it is important that we don’t scold them.
It is best to avoid putting children in situations where they become more anxious.
In the beginning, it is important to consider your child’s feelings and try to encourage them to adapt in the long term.

Avoid negative language and behavior

Let’s be careful when we tend to use negative language toward our children.
Please make sure that you do not say “don’t do that” or “why can’t you do it?”

and other negative language too much.
The use of negative language has a greater effect on a child’s self-confidence than adults think.
Children who are used to negative language often have trouble feeling a sense of distance when they are in front of friends.

These children often end up using negative language and speaking not nicely in front of their friends.
Let’s try to increase our use of positive language with our children as much as possible.
This will help them gain self-confidence and form good relationships with peers.

Importance of developing a relationship of trust with mom and dad

Children who have formed a relationship of trust with their parents are better able to adapt to society.
Developing a relationship of trust is different than raising them in an over-nurturing environment.
When children and parents trust each other, children feel more comfortable separating from their parents and joining the society around them.
If a child has a good relationship with their parents, it will be easier for them to form good relationships with their peers.

Between 3 and 6 years old, we often see a huge difference in development levels.
It is important that we, as parents, create an environment where our children can grow happily and at peace.
Let’s be careful not to compare our child’s development with their peers and take the time to practice integrating into society.

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