Older child, younger child? Hints on how to raise a child based on their sibling situation.


Whether a child is the older child, younger child or an only child will have a large impact on their personality.

Daycare staff and teachers can often tell if a child is the older child, younger child or an only child.
Understanding the specific characteristics of each sibling situation is important when determining the best way to raise the child.

Older Child

When a child has a younger brother or sister, there is a tendency to raise them to be dependable from a young age.
These children help their mother take care of the younger sibling.

Many older siblings also try to teach their younger siblings what they know.

Since they are used to being asked to take care of younger siblings, many older children become natural leaders. Older children are often not good at depending on their parents.

It is important to create an environment where they are dependent sometimes.

Middle Child

Children who are raised with older and younger siblings often become good at reading between the lines.
This is because they spend time observing their siblings and parents and try to determine where they stand.

Also, so that they can compete with their older and younger siblings, they often have a never-give-up attitude.
Some children even end up eating more than their older siblings so that they can be taller.
Sometimes, the middle child learns quicker than the older child when he/she was the same age.

Middle children often have a free-wheeling side, so it is important that parents try not to interfere too much.

Youngest child

On the other hand, the youngest child often experiences feeling loved by his/her older siblings as well as his/her parents.
This sometimes causes him/her to grow up spoiled.

When the youngest child is a boy, he is sometimes raised to be a conceited.
However, this is the result of raising him with love so it is important to protect him.

Also, since the youngest child grows up watching how his/her siblings struggled and also takes advantage of the fact that his/her parents have a better understanding of how to raise a child, the youngest child often becomes very bright.

Many professional athletes started playing sports very young so that they could be just like their older siblings.
This early start helped them succeed in sports and make it into the pros.

Only Child

Many only children, grow up as someone who likes to move at their own pace.
Parents of only children often put all their attention on the only child, as they sometimes do with the youngest sibling.
However, only children are also often disciplined and taught the importance of studying.
As a result, it is easier for them to become a person with an inner strength.

Sometimes, because only children do not have siblings, they grow up lacking a sense of competition. This sense of competition as well as a sense of independence can be gained by sending the child to classes with their peers from a young age.

A child’s personality is greatly effected by the environment they live in.
Their relationship with siblings has an especially large effect.
It is important that parents take the child’s sibling situation into consideration when raising them.

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