The many merits of using play dough as a child


One of the popular ways child play at home is using play dough.
Using play dough has many great benefits for your child’s growth and development.
In this article we will cover the benefits gained from playing with play dough.

Encourage imagination and creativity

When children use play dough they not only experience the texture with their fingers but also have the opportunity to imagine what they can create.

Play dough, which can be molded in many ways, is a great tool for expanding a child’s imagination.

When rolling out the play dough, children may think to themselves questions like, “is this the correct way to make a car tire?”.
They draw the item they want to create in their mind and then think about how they can go ahead and create it.
This activity will help develop your child’s imagination and creativity.

Acquire concentration skills

When your child is using play dough, is he/she totally immersed in the activity without speaking a word? This is because he/she is concentrating on figuring out how he/she can make their desired creation.

When using the play dough, child often say to themselves “next time I will make this shape” or “next time I will try making this”.
This type of activity where children are encouraged to continue to think about what comes next helps them develop their concentration skills naturally.

Younger children often have trouble concentrating on one thing for an extended period of time and like to move on to different activities more quickly.
Adding playing with play dough as one of their play activities at home will help them develop their concentration skills.

Stimulate their 5 senses and brain

Another benefit of playing with play dough is that the activity stimulates one’s feelings.

Children’s brains are stimulated in different ways when they use their hands to play with the play dough.
The softness, dampness, color and smell of the play dough stimulate children’s five senses.
The softness of the play dough is also a great stimulator for the brain.

Playing with play dough is a great way for children to develop their feelings and emotions.

Improve fine motor skills and hand coordination

Play dough is very flexible and can be shaped into many different formations.
Children can create most of the objects they imagine in their heads.
When making a car, a child uses his/her fingers to make a side mirror and the palm of his/her hand to make a light, etc.

In order to create what is in their minds correctly, it is important for children to come up with ways that they can use their fingers efficiently.
Repeating these play dough activities helps children become more coordinated and improves their fine motor skills.

Using play dough has many great benefits for children.
Let’s suggest using play dough as a fun activity on a rainy day or when they are bored at home.
Using play dough as a family will also encourage communication and create a fun environment for everyone.

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