How can we avoid becoming “monster parents”?


Do you know the meaning of the phrase “monster parents”, which we often see in the media?
The term refers to parents who make unreasonable, self-centered requests to the daycare, kindergarten or school their child attends.
Their overbearing behavior has been called “monster-like” and they are being shunned by schools around the country.

Have you been called a “monster parent”?
Many parents become “monster parents” without realizing it.
Please confirm your behavior below.

Asking for special treatment is NG!

All parents feel that their child is special.
As a result, many parents try to protect their children from being at a disadvantage or meet with wrongdoing.
Many parents feel that if their child is in a little trouble it is their responsibility to fix the situation.
However, in many cases parents go overboard and try to overprotect their children or give them special treatment.

The relationships children form with their teachers and peers help them grow.
In the school environment, it is important that parents do not get too involved and only protect their children when necessary.

The school environment is not like a service business

Parents who feel that kindergartens, daycares and schools are service businesses are more likely to become “monster parents”.

At restaurants and shops, we can get better treatment if we pay for goods and services.
However, when it comes to education, this same way of thinking becomes an unreasonable demand.
At day care and school, it is often impossible to see the results in a day or two.
This is because the education system has created a curriculum that takes the children’s future into consideration.

Making unreasonable demands just because you paid your money only ends up negatively affecting the school environment.

Let’s not overprotect our children but instead support their growth.

Parents should understand that children grow by participating in the society around them.
Participating in mommy and me and drop off classes from a young age, gives children a head start in experiencing the world around them.
Children learn as they go along so parents should avoid overprotecting them and let them struggle for themselves.

Instead of making unreasonable demands of your child’s school, parents should discuss with the parents and teachers how they can best support their child’s growth and development.
Teachers are experienced with handling children and should be able to give parents good advice.

For children’s growth, it is best if parents and teachers can work together.

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