Exercise is important! How to help your child grow tall.


All parents want their children to grow to a normal height.
Parents who are not particularly tall are often worried about their child’s height.

How tall your child will grow depends on their activities in their daily life.
It is also important that they move their bodies and do exercise during their growth stage.
Let’s discuss some ways to help encourage your child’s growth.

Make sure they get plenty of sleep

From the olden days, people have said that children who sleep grow taller.
When children get plenty of sleep during their growth stage their growth hormone is released.
It is thought that the growth hormone is released between 10pm and 2am so it is important that children sleep during this time.

Also, it is believed that stress inhibits the release of the growth hormone.
Sleeping is often a great way to relieve daily stress so this is another reason to get plenty of sleep.

Make sure that they eat various foods and are not picky about what they eat

Many parents have been taught that drinking milk helps you grow.
It is true that the calcium in milk makes one’s bones stronger.
That being said, just drinking lots of milk will not make children grow taller.
In addition to milk, it is important for children to eat lots of proteins and vitamins and minerals to promote their growth.

If children are picky eaters they are likely not able to receive all the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to grow.
Let’s make sure our children each proteins like fish and beans, eggs and also lots of vegetables.

What exercises encourage growth?

Regular exercise and body movement stimulates bone and muscle growth.
For extra growth stimulation experts recommend exercises that stimulate your bones in a longitudinal direction.
Experts say that jumping and running a lot can lead to better growth.
Flexibility exercises are also effective.

However, training that puts excessive weight on one’s bones and muscles is ineffective.
This overwork on your body ends up damaging your bones and joints and negatively effects their growth.
It is important to exercise regularly in a safe manner.

Include exercise in your child’s daily life

Sports like basketball, volleyball and marathon running encourage them to grow tall.
Jump rope, gymnastics, dance and swimming are also effective so it is best to choose a sport that your child enjoys and include them in your child’s daily lifestyle.

It is important for them to get into the habit of doing exercise from a very young age.
It is recommend to choose at least one sports activity that they do once a week at the same time.

Choosing a sport that your child does not like or finds difficult will be hard to keep up so please find a sport that your child enjoys. A sport that your child becomes engaged in and wants to practice every day is the most logical.