What should our children experience?


During childhood, it is important for children to be exposed to as many experiences as possible.
These experiences help them improve their imagination, language skills, physical skills and artistic skills and become the foundation of their future learning.

In this article, we will introduce activities that help form this foundation of learning.

Let’s create a strong foundation during childhood

This foundation is the base for imagination, language, physical and artistic skills.
Without a strong foundation from a young age, children will have trouble learning these skills when they go to school.

How can we help our children develop their learning skills?

Encourage thinking skills by using phrases which help children think for themselves
Encourage language ability through books
Encourage athletic ability through swimming
Encourage artistic skills through music and painting

○Encourage thinking skills by using phrases which help children think for themselves
By improving their thinking skills, children will be able finish activities smoothly and learn how to solve problems on their own. When a child is struggling, it is important to ask them “what do you think you should do?” or “what do you think you should have done?” By learning how to answer these questions, children get in the habit of thinking on their own. When they fail, let’s try to ask “what should you do next time so that you succeed?”

○Encourage language ability through books
Language ability is the power to express one’s feelings and activities through words. By improving their language ability, children learn how to express their feelings. This helps them stabilize their feelings. A great way to improve language ability is through reading books. Through reading children improve their thinking skills and language skills. When children become interested in books, it is a good idea to have lots of books lying around and read with them as much as possible.

○Encourage athletic ability through swimming
It is said that between the age of 3 and 9 it is very important for children to play using their entire bodies. Young children love moving their bodies. Playing in a large park is also important but swimming is strongly recommended as an exercise for the whole body.

○Expose them to various types of music and painting to encourage artistic skills It is said that children develop their feelings towards colors at a young age. This emotional development has a large impact on their growth and helps them obtain emotions that they cannot obtain as adults. Let’s expose our children to many different colors and sounds from a young age. Using the colors and sounds that they are attracted to they begin to share their feelings and expand their interest in art.

It is important to expose children at this age to various sounds and colors. We recommend classical music and various painting materials which are as natural as possible. Playing real instruments and drawing is also important.

In this article, we discussed what steps should be taken to help children form a foundation for future learning and growth. The thinking, language and artistic skills they develop will be a base for future education.

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