Why do so many elementary school students dislike math?


According to a survey of elementary and junior high school students regarding subjects that they dislike, mathematics always comes up on top. This is especially the case for girls.

In this article we will discuss the reason kids dislike math and introduce some ways to prevent young children from disliking math when they go to school.

Why do kids dislike math?

Mathematics is the most difficult of the 5 major school subjects and it is easy to judge how children are doing.

The major reason why many children dislike math is that although they do not understand the concepts they end up making others believe that they do.
One characteristic of children who are good in math is that they do not give up easily. They do the practice drills until they can successfully complete all the problems by themselves.
On the other hand, children who do dislike math, pretend that they can do the problems even though they do not really understand the concepts.

Since children cannot move to the next unit and grade unless they can solve all the problems, children who do not understand the math concepts end up hating the subject even more.

How can we prevent our children from disliking math?

If your child dislikes math or seems to be moving in that direction, please try the following.

Children who dislike math often end up thinking that they know how to solve the problem after hearing the teacher’s explanation. For these children, it is important to explain what it really means to understand the concepts.
Specifically, it is a good idea to have them solve more than one problem of the same type. It is important to choose problems that cannot be solved by just memorizing the answers but problems which require children to really understand the mathematical concept.

Your child will most likely struggle with these exercises and realize that they may not really understand the concepts. When this happens, stand by them and explain the concepts in a way that is easy for them to understand.

Once they know what it means to really understand something, they will be more likely to sit and work out the problems and think on their own.

Getting angry and ordering your child to study will not make him/her more motivated.
It is important to get on your child’s level and help them improve at their own pace.
Let’s try to help our children know what it means to “really understand” and change their attitudes toward learning math.

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