What should you do when you think your child may be developmentally slow?


During the infant and toddler stage, children’s bodies and minds develop. Watching your child grow and develop is one of the happiest moments of a parent’s life.

However, many parents compare their child’s development with standards and the development of their peers and become concerned that their child’s development might be slower than normal.

In this article, we will discuss how these parents should conquer their anxiety.

How fast a child develops depends on the individual

Children develop the most in the lives during the infant and toddler stage.

Babies who could not do anything themselves when they were born, slowly learn how to roll over, crawl, stand and then walk.

Also, babies who at the beginning could only cry, begin to understand what mama and papa are saying, start making sounds and then start talking using real words.

Each child’s development is closely linked to his/her individual genes.
There are natural differences in how fast children’s bodies and minds develop and these differences are further impacted by the environment he/she is in.

How can parents tell if their child’s developmental growth is something to worry about or just due to individual differences?

In general, it is said that children should be walking by their first birthday and beginning to talk by their second birthday.
Parents of children who develop faster are not usually concerned but parents of children who do not reach these developmental goals at these ages often begin to worry.

However, it is important to understand that these developmental goals are just standards. Many children develop a little faster or slower and this is not usually a problem.

Of course, there is a chance that the developmental delay may be caused by an illness. However, in this case, your doctor will usually pick it up at your child’s one-year-old checkup, three-year-old checkup or when you take him/her to the doctor for a cold. When you are concerned about your child’s development make sure to write your concern down and let your doctor know when you see him/her.

How to avoid adding more pressure by being impatient

Even if they are told by your child’s doctor that there is nothing to worry about, many parents compare their child’s development to children the same age around them.

However, this impatience will only cause your child to become more sensitive.
This added pressure will most likely delay their development even more.

Each child develops at his/her own pace.
As parents, it is important not to get too nervous and to just step back and enjoy your child’s growth.

As you spend time playing with your child you will enjoy watching him/her grow and develop every day.

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