Fun indoor play activities for the rainy season


“Play” is an influential factor on a child’s growth.
As parents, we want our children to have the opportunity to play daily.

However, we often have trouble coming up with indoor play activities.
In this article, we will introduce some indoor play activities that can be used on rainy days.

【1】Enjoy mat exercises with a futon

On rainy days, children have to play indoors which makes it difficult for them to use up their energy.
For energetic children, it is important to find fun movement activities that can be done indoors, like mat exercises using a futon.

Children all ages often try to do somersaults as soon as they see the futon lying on the floor.
However, it is important to keep in mind that for children under 2 years old parents should be there to support their bodies so they do not hurt their necks or encourage them to roll around like a log instead.

Also, please make sure that there is nothing around the futon so that the children do not bump their head.

【2】Play hopping games

Place tape that will not leave a mark on the floor.
There are no rules so you can place the tape anywhere.
Such as creating train tracks so children can hop along them like a train.
You can add sections as you go along so the children can play hopscotch as well.
These activities will encourage your child to use his/her brain while improving his/her balance and getting exercise for both his/her brain and body.
This will help him/her sleep well at night.

【3】Using one’s imagination to create objects with items from around the house

Your child will use his/her brain to decide what to create and improve his/her fine motor skills at the same time.
These types of activities are very helpful for your child’s development.
Many parents have experienced creating their own objects when they were little.

Such as making boats or dolls out of milk cartons which requires the use of scissors to cut designs, and encourages your child’s fine motor skills.
Performing these creative activities at home on a rainy day will teach children how to have fun when they cannot go outside.

Playing indoors has lots of benefits. Please try some of the above activities the next time you are stuck inside on a rainy day.

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