The use of art to enhance our children’s powers of expression


Few children dislike painting and drawing pictures.
Painting and drawing has many benefits for children including improving their expressiveness.
In this article, we will introduce these benefits and how parents can support their child’s artistic skills.

How does creating art benefit your child?

When painting and drawing, children use lots of colors.
While using crayons and brushes, children explore the various colors (red, blue, yellow, etc.) and naturally gain a sense of color.
Even when they don’t use bold colors but instead scribble with the brush or pen they are also gaining a sense of color.
Working in monotone allows them to explore shadows and shading.

Painting and drawing also helps develop one’s observation skills.

When children draw the scene and people around them, it is important that they look carefully and pick-up the detailed characteristics.
This helps them learn how to pay attention to what is happening around them and think in a calm way.

Once they get used to drawing, it is a great way for them to test their powers of expression.
Just as with words, one’s individuality and way of thinking can be expressed through painting and drawing.
Through painting and drawing, children express their inner thoughts regarding what they have observed around them.
Children who paint and draw a lot are better able to express themselves than children who do not paint and draw much.

How should parents and other adults interact?

What is the best way to interact with your child when he/she is creating a piece of art?
The most important thing is that you do not judge the final product or how they are creating it.

Children create artwork based on their own thinking and sometimes they do not have a good sense of distance or composition. As written above, it is important to pay attention to how your child expresses him/herself through art.
Instead of making a comment like “what a nice picture”, adults should make comments like “I see a lot of cars, you really like cars a lot don’t you?” This will encourage you to look at and talk about the artwork from the child’s standpoint.
When it comes to children’s artwork, it is not the final product but how they created it that should be applauded.

Parents and grown-ups should also avoid telling children that they can draw or paint what they like.
It often looks like children are just painting or drawing freely.
However, in many cases they are actually following their own rules and standards.
When they are told that they can create anything, they often become confused and stop drawing or painting.
If this happens, it is a good idea for parents and grownups to introduce a theme, like animals.

Drawing and painting is an effective way to encourage your child’s powers of expression.
Sometimes, it is even more fun to draw and paint as a family.

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