We are more likely to be successful if we enjoy doing the activities – how to encourage your child to like foreign languages


At a young age, children absorb knowledge like a sponge.
So it is a good time to expose them to foreign language.

f they think learning a foreign language is fun they are more likely to be successful in it.
In this article we will introduce some ways to make foreign language learning fun.

Expose them to a foreign language through animation and movies

Watching Disney and Hollywood movies and dramas in a foreign language is a great way to study the language.
At first, you may not know what they are talking about but the more you listen the more you will be able to understand.

Compared to Japan, the people of other countries tend to use their hands and bodies when they talk so it is easier to understand what it happening even if you do not understand the words.

Practice reading and listening to foreign language books

How about enjoying foreign language books at home?
If you are worried about your pronunciation, you can always try books that come with a CD.

When using a CD, it is important to stop the CD once in a while and pick-up the important vocabulary to pronounce together with your child.
It is important to show your child that you speak the language as well, which will motivate them to copy you.

Let’s sing!Practice singing songs in a foreign language

When it comes to learning, there are inputs and outputs.
It is important to try to pronounce the words yourself instead of just reading the words.
A great way to learn a language is to sing songs with your child.

The point is to not get too embarrassed at your pronunciation and sing in a loud voice.
Emphasizing the subjects, objects and verbs is a good way to add excitement.

Since it is hard to read all the words from the beginning you can start with the important words only as long as you follow the correct rhythm.

Study abroad with your child

While abroad, your child will be exposed to the language in a natural environment.
This will encourage him/her to use the language as well.
Many people think studying abroad is difficult due to money and time issues.

However, there are many one-week study abroad programs being offered.
For example, Guam is only 3.5 hours away from Japan by airplane so it is a convenient location to visit and learn the language.
A short trip abroad is a great way to share time with the family and pick up a foreign language as well.

Participate in a homestay program within Japan

It is often possible to experience a foreign language without leaving Japan.
One way is to host a student who is from the country where the language you want to learn is spoken.
This is a great way to learn not only the language but also about the culture.

However, this may be difficult if you have a small house or apartment.
Another option may be to stay at a shared house where people from many different countries live.
This is a more reasonable option for families with limited budgets.

When children study a foreign language because they are interested in it they are more likely to succeed.
Foreign language classes that incorporate songs and games and other fun activities are a good option.
Please take the suggestions from this article into consideration when helping your child learn a foreign language.

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