How to prevent your child from being poor at sports


Children develop very quickly and learn new things one after another.
Playing and exercising from a young age helps children develop coordination skills.
In this article, we will introduce 3 tips for preventing your child from being poor at sports.

Stimulate their senses with a variety of experiences

Children do not need special sports activities or strength training to develop their sports skills.
Instead, please give them plenty of opportunities to move their bodies through play.
It is best to encourage them to perform a variety of play activities such as using the swings, the horizontal bar, playing with balls and bouncing on the trampoline.
This variety of play activities will stimulate your child’s five senses.
Going to the park with mommy is always fun but sometimes it is also nice to play with their friends or their daddy as well.
Playing with people of all ages will help encourage your child’s sports skills.

Stop being overprotective and allow them to take risks

Children love to climb up high and walk on bumpy roads which make parents nervous.
When parents think their child is in danger, they often try to protect them by telling them to stop certain activities.
However, overprotecting children and not allowing them to take risks will only inhibit their development in the long run.
Climbing and walking on bumpy roads is a great way for children to learn balance skills.
It is the accumulation of practicing these activities that help children gain confidence in sports.
Children will also be able to determine which activities are dangerous and which activities are safe.
So even if you think an activity may be dangerous please stand by and let your child take the challenge.

Praising your child when he/she does something right is a great way to expand his skills

Children have limited athletic ability compared to adults.
They are in the midst of development and many children find it difficult to forecast and react to new things.
However, it is not good for parents to label their child as not good at certain activities.
By doing this, children will gain a feeling of inferiority and want to avoid exercise and sports all together.
If they start disliking sports then they will avoid movement activities which will start a negative spiral.
To avoid this situation, it is important for adults to praise children for trying and encourage them to keep practicing.
The use of phrases like “you did it”, “good job” will motivate children to try their best.

To prevent children from becoming poor at sports it is important to allow them to have lots of experiences.
Let’s let our children challenge themselves and take risks whenever possible.

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