4 tips for improving your child’s concentration


Children who never seem to finish their homework or start doing another activity in the middle of their homework may be having trouble concentrating…
If they become interested in something else they may not get back to their homework.
In this article, we will introduce some tips for improving your child’s concentration.

Make sure that they get at least 9 hours of sleep at night

Children who are growing need to sleep well.
Elementary school students require at least 9 hours a sleep a night.
When children get enough sleep, their growth hormone is discharged while they are sleeping which helps their body and mind to develop.
After a good night’s sleep, they will be better able to handle problems (such as those in their homework).

On the other hand, children who are tired from getting too little sleep, tend to get frustrated and distracted easily when trying to study.
Sleep is very important to children, let’s make sure our children are in bed no later than 10pm.

Help them feel accomplishment

Once children feel that they have accomplished something, studying is more fun.
It is very important that children experience performing well on a test of problems that they had trouble solving when they first started studying.
Let’s set small goals for our children so they are able to feel accomplishment.
If we give them a goal that they feel is impossible for them to achieve, they will get lost and lose their self-confidence.
Sample goals may be “to increase their test score by 10 points” or “to answer all the percentage questions correctly”.
It is important to come up with goals that can be achieved and encourage our children to work hard to accomplish them.

Give them something sweet to eat

When we concentrate and study, our brain uses up a lot of energy and we get tired.
The amount of glucose in the brain decreases when we are studying.
To stop the brain from losing too much energy it is important to have sweet snacks (such as chocolate or Japanese sweets) available when children are studying.

We have heard in the media that many students eat chocolate when studying for the Tokyo University entrance exams. This shows that eating sweets while studying is effective.

Take breaks when studying

It is hard for children to sit in the same position for a long time, which makes it difficult for them to study for too long.
This is why it is a good idea to schedule in some study breaks.
For elementary school kids a break every 30 minutes and for high school kids a break every 50 minutes works well.
It is a good idea to get up and do some stretching during the breaks.
Such as moving your shoulders, standing up tall and stretching your back.
Without good blood circulation it is hard to concentrate so stretching is a great way to improve one’s concentration.

Being a creative parent is also important

Parents want their children to study. However, most children do not understand the importance of studying.
Therefore, it is important that we, as parents, help children learn how to concentrate naturally.
Being able to concentrate will help them when they work as adults.
Helping children learn how to concentrate is difficult and parents need to be creative.

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