How to make learning the alphabet with your child fun and effective!


Children start learning their alphabet when they enter kindergarten.
When children have trouble remembering the characters, many parents become impatient.
Also, some children can read the characters but have trouble writing them. These children often end up disliking the alphabet.
In this article, we will introduce some fun ways to remember the alphabet.

Begin with activities that children will find fun

If you start off with homework activities children will not learn that remembering the alphabet can be fun and may end up disliking it all together.
Young children learn a lot through play so let’s try to start off with fun learning activities.

For example, parents can start with the characters for their child’s favorite foods and fruits.
Parents can draw a big apple on a piece of paper and ask their child what the picture is.
After he/she answers, parents can go ahead and write the word out for them.
This will help the child link the picture of the apple to the characters used in the word.

Use your body to remember the characters

Once your child has learned a few characters, it is a good idea to reinforce his/her learning through movement.
You can start by choosing a few characters and trying to communicate them with your body.
Ask your child what character he/she thinks it is.
This will help your child learn that we can make characters with our bodies and will encourage him/her to learn more characters.

Next, parents and children can use their bodies to create the characters together.
If possible, please have a sibling or another adult take photos.
When your child sees the photo, he/she will be amazed and gain self-confidence.

Be careful with writing exercises

To start off with, adults should write a character using dots so their child can trace the character on their own.
Please make sure to praise them if they trace it correctly, which will raise their self-confidence.
Start with easier characters.
It is important to make writing fun so that they will not dislike it in the future.

Make sure to follow as they step-up their learning

Once they are able to write easier characters on their own, go ahead and add a few more difficult ones.
It is a good idea for the parent to let them know that the characters are an interesting shape and fun to write.
When they make a mistake please let them know that it is difficult and they will be able to write it if they keep trying.

All parents want their children to be able to read and write by the time they enter elementary school.
However, it is important to study at your child’s pace so that they do not get frustrated and lose their self-confidence.

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