Tips for reading to children and why it is important!


Teachers and educators recommend reading picture books to young children.
Research shows that children who were read to on a regular basis from before they can remember have an advantage developmentally when they get older.

In this article, we will introduce the benefits of reading to young children and some tips for effective reading.

Benefits of reading

Reading to young children has many benefits.
Let’s look at these benefits in detail.

・Reading promotes good communication between children and parents
When reading picture books parents and children spend time together.
Also, when immersed in the same story it is easier for parents and children to understand each other’s feelings.
Children feel the warmth and love of their parents when they are being read to and this translates into love for them as well.

・Reading expands your child’s imagination

Immersing young children in storybooks is useful for the development of their imagination.
Children become excited about how the story will play out and will often use their imagination to determine how the story will end. They often put themselves in the main characters shoes and try to understand the characters’ feelings and emotions.

・Reading increases your child’s concentration.

Story time is a great way to encourage your child to sit down and concentrate.
Young children often have a hard time sitting down and listening to the story at first.
They sometimes try to turn the pages ahead of time and lose interest in what is being said.
However, if reading is continued daily, they will eventually learn how to sit still for the entire book.

・Reading helps increase your child’s vocabulary

Children learn a lot of words from reading picture books.
They pick up the vocabulary they hear in the books and sometimes try to use them when communicating with adults and their peers.

Some tips for reading to young children

The next time you read a book to your child or grandchild, please consider the following.
This will make the reading activity more effective for your child.

Reading before bedtime is a great way to help your child relax and get ready to sleep.

When you are unsure what type of book to read, it is often a good idea to choose a book that you like.
If your child has a book that he/she likes, please go ahead and read it over and over again.

After reading to older children, be prepared to be bombarded with questions.
It is important not to stop reading to answer the questions and leave them until the end of the story.

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