One’s brain needs nutrients. Which foods will improve your child’s memory?


As parents, we often worry about our child’s health and growth when determining which foods they eat.
Research shows that, like our bones and muscles, our brain also requires many nutrients.
In this article, we will introduce the foods that provide effective nutrients to our brain.


DHA helps our nerve tissue and brain develop and is therefore a vital nutrient for our brain functionality.
Children who eat a lot of fish, especially mackerel, saury, tuna and sardines, will invigorate their brain and improve their memory skills.

■Beans and nuts

Acetylcholine is responsible for the distribution of information within the brain.
Lecithin acts like a vitamin and activates the oxidation within the brain.
40% of the brain is made up of lecithin and without enough lecithin one’s memory and total brain performance is decreased.

Foods like eggs, beans, nuts and grains include a lot of lecithin.
Eggs also include a lot of the brain hormone, tyrosine, which is an amino acid so it is recommended that we eat at least one egg a day.


Carbohydrates change into glucose within our bodies and raise the level of sugars in our blood.
People are able to concentrate if they have a high level of sugar in their blood and they lose concentration as their sugar level decreases.
Eating carbohydrates along with foods that help increase one’s memory will help children remember what they are studying.

■Cacao products

Teopromin helps activate the serotonin within the brain and improves one’s memory and concentration skills.
Cocoa and chocolate products contain a lot of teopromin and are therefore good snacks if eaten in moderation.
Chocolate also includes vitamins and minerals that help the brain’s metabolism.

What is an effective way to eat these foods?

In order to improve one’s memory, it is important to know when and how these foods should be eaten.
It is best to eat the above foods 30 minutes before studying.
If the brain does not have enough nutrients when we study or read, our memory skills decrease and we lose our concentration making it difficult for what we study or read to stay in our heads.
Also, when we are hungry we tend to become unfocused.
If we need to study at night, it is more effective to study after dinner.

Also, instead of forcing children to study as soon as they get home from school, it is best to give them time to relax and have a snack first.
Giving them some cocoa and chocolate as a snack is also effective.

It is also important that children have a good breakfast.
More and more children are going to school after having only a glass of milk or some yoghurt for breakfast.
Parents should wake their children up early enough so that they have time to eat a balanced breakfast.

When we think of body and mind we tend to think of the brain separate from our body.
However, the brain is a part of our body and requires the appropriate amount of nutrients.
When thinking about the daily menu, please consider the foods mentioned above.

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