What benefits does cooking as a family have?


Did you know that cooking as a family has a very good effect on your child’s development?
After seeing the finished dish, various thoughts naturally develop in a child’s heart.
What are the benefits of cooking as a family?

■Increasing communication among family members

When cooking with your child, you hold the knife together, and carry them when they put the various ingredients in the pot.
This type of communication helps strengthen the family relationship.

As children get older, parents have fewer and fewer chances to communicate with them.
Cooking together as a family becomes an important way to keep a good relationship with them.
Talking about what to cook and asking them to come along to the supermarket to buy the ingredients is a great way to increase conversation and spend time as a family.

It is said that children who spend quality time with their parents develop into calm and even-tempered adults.
Cooking together as a family is one way to encourage this type of growth.

■Cultivating one’s senses

Someone who cooks every day, is able to cultivate their various senses.
When cooking, we stop to taste the flavor, try various spices and cultivate our sense of taste.
Kneading the dough for bread and washing the vegetables helps cultivate our sense of feel and looking at the colorful and different shaped ingredients and how they change when cooked helps cultivate our sense of vision.
The sound of cutting the vegetables and the sound they make when they are being cooked in the frypan helps cultivate our sense of hearing and the smell of the oil and cooked rice helps cultivate our sense of smell.

Through cooking, we naturally cultivate our child’s five senses and help them develop into an emotionally expressive person.

■Feeling a sense of accomplishment

Cooking is an activity that always has an end product which helps children feel a sense of accomplishment.
People tend to try harder when they can see the results of their hard work.
It is especially important for children to have a sense of accomplishment.

When cooking, we cut the ingredients, heat them up, season them and then present the final product on a dish.
The ingredients become totally different after they have been cooked so in the end children feel satisfied that they have made something on their own.

Cooking and the sense of accomplishment it brings has an even more positive effect on children who lack self-confidence.

■Developing a feeling of thanks

After experiencing cooking on their own, children have a better understanding of how time-consuming it is to cook and clean up and gain a feeling of thanks for the person or people who cook for them on a regular basis.

After cooking on their own, children who are picky eaters are more likely to try to eat foods that they didn’t in the past.
Children who are not good at cleaning up will often begin to clean up at least their own mess.

Through cooking on their own, children learn the happiness of eating delicious food each day and become more emotionally sound in general.

Cooking together as a family is fun and beneficial for everyone involved.
Parents who feel that cooking with their child is difficult should start with asking their child to do simple tasks such as washing the vegetables and move on from there.

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