What should parents do to prevent their child from getting scared easily?


Some children become scared when they experience new things.
Even if the cause is something trivial, once a child is scared of something it is hard for them to get rid of the fear.
In this article, we will introduce tips for parents to help their child overcome their fears.

<Why do children become afraid?>

Very young children are often able to touch animals and bugs without getting afraid.
However, once children understand what they are seeing they often begin to feel afraid.
Therefore, it is important that children are not given the opportunity to feel afraid when they are young.

When parents watch a scary movie or drama in front of their children, act afraid when they see a bug or yell at their children when they touch something that is breakable, children remember that experience as being scary and it is hard for them to overcome this fear in the future.
It is important that parents do not put their children in a fearful situation.

<How can we help them overcome their fear?>

Children have good imaginations so once they become afraid of something they have a tendency to exaggerate and become more and more afraid.
It is hard for children to overcome their fear on their own so it is important for parents to be there to calm them down.

・When they are scared of the dark

Many children are afraid to go to dark places, like the toilet or entrance at night, on their own.
This is often because they believe in ghosts and monsters and are worried that they might pop out.
When this happens, it is important that an adult holds their hand and helps them to understand that there is nothing to be afraid of.

At first, it is hard for them to go to dark places on their own but they will slowly get stronger and eventually be able to do it on their own.
When they are able to be in dark places on their own, it is important that parents praise them for this, which will encourage them to become even stronger.

・When they are afraid of animals and insects

Before children enter school, some children are OK with petting animals (like dogs) and some are too scared to go near them.
This difference in feeling has a lot to do with how they were introduced to animals and insects when they were young.
It is important to teach children that animals and insects will not do anything to them if they do not do anything to the animals and insects.
It is a good idea to take young children to the petting zoo and have them try holding and petting the animals while you are next to them.
You can also teach them what role the bee plays in creating the fruits and vegetables they eat when you see a bee flying around in the park.
When children begin to understand that all living things have a special role their fear will slowly disappear.。

・When they are afraid of blood

When they get hurt, some children are more afraid of the blood than the pain.
Children who are afraid of blood are also afraid of shots and cry a lot when they go to the doctor.
First, it is important for parents to explain to their children why we bleed and why we need shots.
You can explain that blood is important for the healing process and if we do not bleed our wounds will not get better.
Shots give our bodies power and prevent us from getting sick.
Small children will not be able to understand these explanations at first but when they get older they will remember them and not be as afraid of blood.

Parents should help their children overcome their fears with love and kindness.
When children feel that they are being protected, they will be able to overcome their fears.
Let’s spend time with our children and make sure they feel loved and respected.

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